When to invest in brand strategy and design

Hey Girl! The appearance of your business is probably one of the most important investments you can make. Don’t believe me? Check out why in my recent post about why your business appearance matters.

So, the question is not IF you should invest in branding, but WHEN.

So when is right? Well, there really are two different stages in business when you should consider a branding investment…

The first is the new business brand design.

This is for newer business owners who have not had colors, fonts, a logo, a website, a social media presence, or print collateral strategically created for them in the past. Maybe they have been DIYing their brand, or maybe they have gone to a designer and had a "patchwork" brand put together... a logo here, website there, print pieces another place. The problem with this is it often lacks strategy and cohesiveness.

I always recommend that brand development be one of the first steps a new business owner takes, but not THE first step.

Yep, you heard me right. Why is this? Well, in order to create a rock-solid brand with a rock-solid foundation, you have to know a bit about your business, your mission, and you have to have some experience working with clients.

Building a brand is a lot like building a house. It would be crazy to try to pick out paint colors and decor without having the foundation poured and the walls built first. In the same way, you must establish the foundation of your business and this can only take place once you have a little experience under your belt.

What makes my program different than all the rest??? I DO NOT PROVIDE "NORMAL" BRAND DEVELOPMENT! My program focuses on helping you discover and define your brand foundation at its very core. I have specifically developed my 12-week program to help you get visible and discover WHO you love working with and WHAT your message is BEFORE we dive into any design work. (In my program, I help you with a lot of business building, foundational elements, so why DIY it all alone?!?) Walk away not only looking FAB, but having crystal clear clarity on the direction of your biz!

The best time to invest will definitely be different for each business owner; this is why it’s so important to hop on a call with me to discuss your unique situation! Want to schedule a free strategy call? Book it here!


The second is the established business rebrand.

This is for established business owners who find themselves in a situation where a rebrand will help them shift their positioning, gain more attention from the world, sell at a higher price point, and take their business to a whole new level.

Let’s dig into this a little deeper.

1. When a business that wants to shift their position in the industry

This has to happen when the business either didn’t establish their position properly in the first place (having a strategic brand crafted for you is SO important!), or they are wanting to intentionally change their position so they can change the common perception about their business. This may look like wanting to change their ideal client, striving for more of a “premium” services feel, or even changing their services all together.

2. When a business that wants to gain more attention from the world

Unfortunately, sometimes a business just isn’t getting the attention they need to claim their own success story. In order to WOW the world and make more impact (and sales) they need to get back to the basics, evaluate their brand, and create a KILLER visual identity that shows the world how awesome they truly are (because if the world doesn’t see how awesome you are, they will pass you by!).

3. When a business wants to start selling at a higher price point

Taking your business to a whole new level usually means that you are taking it to a new price point as well. The thing is, you need to actually, physically SHOW the world that you are worth the increase in price that you are asking for. You need to show them that there is something different (and BETTER) that demands a higher price. This mean’s it’s time to take your visual identity and brand to a whole new level as well!

4. When a business wants to advance to a whole new level

No matter the reason, it may be time to grow your business to the next level in order to reach the potential and success story that you have been dreaming of. This starts with a rebrand! Whether you want to charge more, attract more followers/clients, or change your mission and purpose, a rebrand is the first (and most essential) step to properly conveying your new identity changes with the world!

Recent work created for  Nexus

Recent work created for Nexus

So when is the best time to invest in a brand/rebrand?

Well, if you’ve been in business for a while and have a clear vision for the direction of your business… then it's NOW! Now is the time to invest in a branding program that will WOW the world and capture the attention of your ideal clients. 

And if you have been DIYing your brand for some time... WHY?? Why walk this path alone? If time, money, or fear is holding you back, check out this recent blog post to help you out. I can help you gain SO MUCH MORE clarity in your business and brand.

It’s time you stand out from the crowd, ditch the mundane, and start making the impact you were created for!


Cheering you on!


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