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How to start charging what you're worth

Have you ever turned a prospective client away because you assumed they wouldn’t want to pay your full price? Have you ever considered offering a discount because you thought you weren’t worth premium prices? Have you ever wrestled with the idea of sharing your prices with someone in fear that they would think it was too high and not want to work with you?

Scared of feeling rejected. Scared of feeling like you're not worth it. Scared of feeling let down...

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When to invest in brand strategy and design

Hey Girl! The appearance of your business is probably one of the most important investments you can make. Don’t believe me? Check out why in my recent post about why your business appearance matters.

So, the question is not IF you should invest in branding, but WHEN. 

So when is right? Well, there really are two different stages in business when you should consider a branding investment…

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