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7 website mistakes guide

Learn 7 website mistakes…

that are leaving you underpaid and overwhelmed in your online business…

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It’s time to change the world…

I know it sounds cliche, but I believe that by working with one client, and then another, and another, you really can change the world. Becoming unstoppable. You were made for this. (You can practically feel it, right?)

The problem is that right now, your ‘change the world’ dream kind of feels like a drop in the bucket.

- You’re afraid you look unprofessional.
- You don’t know how to set up the tools you need to scale your online business.
- You can’t get it all to work juuuuust right.

And that reality keeps you playing small.

I mean, you’re not playing small intentionally… but when’s the last time you sent someone to your website and felt that tiny twinge of embarrassment? When’s the last time you said “sorry, it’s still a work in progress.” When’s the last time you cringed inside because it’s just not the vision of professionalism and beauty you had in your mind?

It’s ok. I totally get it.

Trying to create that killer website has kept you up until 2am pulling your hair night after night. Getting your site to actually express the God-sized vision in your heart just hasn’t worked out the way you had hoped even though you’ve been working so hard at it.

It’s time to fix that.


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Web design programs

Every new adventure starts with just one step.

If you’re not sure where to start, then I would suggest starting with my 90-minute website audit. This will get my eyes and expertise on your website. We will walk through your site page by page so I can give you no-fluff action steps to begin making more impact and more money with your website. And if you decide you want me to take your website headaches away for good (aka. make a new site for you), then you can apply the cost of your audit to your website package. It really is a win-win.