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Custom Squarespace website design + online business strategy for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to build their dream business - online!


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Squarespace website designer

You've got mad skills...

and an entrepreneurial fire that burns deep. You know you can run with the big dogs – you were made for this.

The problem? You've spent countless hours trying to get your website to reflect your skill-set (to show the world the expert you really are), but it's still falling short. You're at the end of your rope and you're tired of pulling your hair out for mediocre.

This is where I come in. Those things you hate (like that text you spent hours trying to change or that image you wanted to move just a tiny bit to the right), I take those things (and so much more) off your plate so you can have the website + brand of your dreams... without the headaches.


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Hi there! I'm your branding BFF. That slightly nerdy yet still pretty cool friend who can whip up a custom and totally unique Squarespace website that'll make your friends (and competition) say "DAAAAANG GIRL"... all in just a few short weeks. And if you're in need of a brand identity too, well then... I've got you, friend.