Sandra Houseman - Online Business Strategist

Hey girl! I'm Sandra, your online business strategist, and I know that you dream of REALLY BIG THINGS...

But right now your dreams feel impossible. You have so many things you want to do with your life but you're stuck living the same day over and over. Wake up, make breakfast, get the kids to daycare, go to that JOB that you are less than lit-up about, make dinner, and fit your business in wherever you can. Rinse. Repeat.

Part of you wants to give up.

Give up on that THRIVING business that can change lives, expand the Kingdom, and give you that #FreedomLifestyle you crave so badly.

Instead, you're about ready to just settle for a business that will pay the bills. Forget abundance, right?
but you can't shake that feeling.

That feeling that you were made for more than this.

That still small voice whispers... "You WERE made for more." But the fact remains the same... that each day is still the same, each month is still the same, and every missed goal leaves you setting the bar lower and lower.

How do I know this?? BECAUSE I WAS THERE. I was there and I heard that voice. I felt that aching for more.


Sandra Houseman Online Business Strategist

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