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Hey girl,

It's time to ditch the cookie cutter business model and get back to loving your life!

Sandra Houseman Online Business Coach

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Hi, I'm Sandra! 

Online brand and business strategist for the go-getter (that's you!) who dreams of really big things...

Because I had those dreams too.


I never really wanted to climb the corporate ladder...

Actually, I had dreamed of being FREE for years. Free from a strict 9-5 schedule, free from corporate demands, free from the time-clock, free to stay home with my kids, free to take vacations that didn't follow us home on a credit card...

After my first son was born in 2015, I decided it was time to make this "freedom thing" happen. I had dabbled in "part-time-side-hustles" for years... but having a kid changes things. I decided it was time to REALLY get serious. Take some serious action. Start making serious money. Create a serious business. To FINALLY be taken seriously by those around me. (You know what all of this really means? I knew it was time to make some SERIOUS investments.)

So, I followed all the steps "they say" you "should do" to build a business the "right" way. (Can you hear the sarcasm??) Yep, I followed a cookie cutter model.

I invested in a 4-figure business coaching course. I started a website. I grew an email list. I started a Facebook business page. I hired a one-on-one business coach (to the tune of another four-figures). I enrolled in mastermninds, I joined all the online groups, I learned ALL. THE. THINGS.

But at the end of the day, dispite making all the "right moves", I was still burnt out, overwhelmed, and falling short of that freedom-filled life I had sought out to find.

Can you relate? Yeah, I know you can. You've been searching for that freedom - that peace amidst the chaos - but it ALWAYS seems to be around another corner, another investment, another "program"... all claiming they will "get you there".

It can feel defeating. I know you've thought about giving up. I know you've questioned if it's all worth it. I know you've wondered if everyone thinks you're a fraud. I know because I felt the same way. But I'm here to tell you that it IS possible for you. I know because after years of feeling like I was fighting an up-hill battle in the online business building space, I have finally been able to settle into a rhythm of business building that I LOVE. A rhythm that works for me AND my family. One that allows me to keep my priorities straight (faith, family, and business - in that order).

So, what's the secret?

Well, there's really not one, single answer I can give you to help you begin living your best life RIGHT NOW (girl, it takes time, consistency, and a whole lot of grace!)... but I can tell you that it starts with enbracing the chaos. Rolling with the ups and downs. It's finding a community of like-minded ladies to walk this journey with. It's learning to fill YOUR cup first so you can truly pour into others. Yes, it's also some strategy, how-to-learning, and late-night-doing... but mostly... it's also a whole lot of grace.


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Online Christian Business Coach

"My sales have doubled since working with Sandra and my number of hours worked per week have not! Her support was a complete game changer for my business!...

I was worried about the financial investment but have made that back and then some. I also worried about not loving the outcome, but Sandra eased those fears very quickly! She worked with me on my brand until everything was absolute perfection! She was always super quick to respond to my questions and her customer service was AMAZING!"

- Kristen Long-Buck, 3 Little Readers