How to end 2017 strong and begin 2018 on the right foot!

Aren’t new beginnings so sweet?  I just LOVE stepping into a time and space that is not burdened by baggage or stress. I remember the feeling of finishing up a class in college and being able to fully put it out of my mind FOREVER. It’s kind of like finishing up a project that you’ve been working on for SO long and being 100% DONE!

In the same way, I think about the new beginning of 2018 and the fresh start that it brings.

I have structured the end of my year in a way that gives me the ability to finish up EVERYTHING on my plate by mid-December, take a mental break for Christmas and New Years and start COMPLETELY FRESH in 2018.

And it feels GOOOOOD.

So, here’s my question… Are you ready for 2018?

Are you ready to start fresh… or are you burdened with stress that will be following you into the new year?

Are you finishing 2017 STRONG… or are you feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list and lack of progress that you’ve seen over this past year?

You promised yourself that THIS YEAR would be the year to see HUGE success… to make HUGE waves… to see BIG results… but maybe it just didn’t happen for you.

I have 3 tips for you to help you end 2017 strong and begin 2018 fresh.

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1. Evaluate your schedule and CREATE a plan to finish up your task list, take a holiday break, and start fresh in January.

As an entrepreneur, your schedule is what you make it! You ALWAYS have the freedom to CHOOSE what you do with your time. You can always CHOOSE what you put on your to-do list.

So use this freedom to it’s fullest.

Are you a project based service provider? If so, make sure to plan for your projects to wrap up by a certain date in December. Maybe you just want to take a few days off or maybe you want to take 3 weeks off! It’s totally up to you. 

Do you provide continual ongoing support for your clients? If this is the case, then notify your clients NOW of the time you will be taking off for the holidays. This will allow you time to begin planning for that time off financially as well.

you need a break-entrepreneur holiday

Either way, YOU NEED A BREAK.

You started your business for FREEDOM, right?! Now is the time to begin living that freedom. Don’t let your business consume so much of your life that you forget to take the time off that you need for yourself!

2. Get the support you need to end 2017 strong (instead of feeling like you have fallen short).

If you’re approaching the end of 2017 feeling like you didn’t reach the success you wished you would have… then NOW is the time to make a change. You don’t HAVE to end 2017 feeling less than awesome about your results.

To do this, think about what you REALLY want to see happen in your business with the remaining 2 months we have left.

What milestones would you like to achieve before December 31st? What results would you like to see?

In order to see different results, you need to take DIFFERENT ACTION! So, if you’re tired of winging it and always falling short of the goals you set for yourself… then you need to make a change.

The FASTEST way for you to move your business forward is to invest in the one-on-one support you need so you can STOP winging it, STOP feeling constantly overwhelmed with what your next step should be, and START seeing results.

Don’t let fear stand in the way of your dream business. 

Ending 2017 on a really strong note will set you up for an amazing start to 2018.

3. Make a plan to start 2018 off right.

Maybe 2017 hasn’t gone how you dreamed. You probably had big hopes and aspirations for 2017 that didn’t come true. Maybe you dreamed of your first 5-figure month or your first 6-figure year… and it just didn’t happen.

I know how frustrating this can be!

But here’s the good news… 2018 can be your fresh start. It’s your blank canvas. It’s your ticket to put the frustrations and setbacks of 2017 behind you and move forward.

Here are my tips for planning a strong start to 2018…

plan your goals-map your dream-entreprenuer

Plan your goals.

What would you like for 2018 to hold? Just because 2017 may not have turned out the way you dreamed it would… this DOES NOT give you an excuse to set the bar lower for 2018. This just means you need to turn up the heat in 2018!

Map out your dream day/week/month.

Think about the things you need to accomplish in your life each day and week in order to lay your head on your pillow each night and feel like your day was successful.

For me, this means that I need to spend quiet time in prayer and in the bible each day. I need to spend quality time with my family each week (2 nights a week of uninterrupted family time is my goal). I need to spend time on self-care… doing my nails, taking a walk outside, going shopping alone. And I need to block out the time needed to keep our house neat and orderly. All of this must take place in order for me to feel like I have a good “work/life balance” in my business. Otherwise I can easily start feeling like a workaholic!!!

So, what does this look like for you?

Figure out what you need to help you succeed.

If you fell short of your goals in 2017, then something needs to change. Maybe you were trying to grow and build your business on your own. Maybe you were afraid to hire support you needed.

Well, in order to see different results in 2018, you need to make a change!

Sit down and write down ALL the stressors in your business that you can think of. What is weighing most heavily on you? What things do you really want to implement or improve in your business?

reduce stress in your business-entrepreneur

Now how can you get help in these areas?

-        Maybe that looks like hiring a babysitter for a few hours a week so you can get some real dedicated time to work.

-        Maybe that looks like hiring a virtual assistant to help you achieve your task list.

-        Maybe that looks like hiring a business strategist or coach to help you map your time and energy efforts and make a plan (I’d love to chat if this is you!).

-        Maybe that looks like improving your brand and visual appearance (again, I’d LOVE to chat).

-        Maybe you need to hire a house cleaner to come in once a month to give you a little peace in your own home.

WHATEVER this looks like for you… now is the time to make a plan and make a change.

I’d love to hear from you… How do you plan on ending 2017 strong and starting 2018 off on the right foot??

And if you’re needing a little extra one-on-one support, I’d love to open my schedule up to you. If you want to book a free strategy call with me then you can do that here.

Always cheering you on,


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