How to start charging what you're worth

Hey Girl! Let's talk pricing, discounts, and confidence!

Have you ever turned a prospective client away because you assumed they wouldn’t want to pay your full price?

Have you ever considered offering a discount because you thought you weren’t worth premium prices?

Have you ever wrestled with the idea of sharing your prices with someone in fear that they would think it was too high and not want to work with you?

Scared of feeling rejected. Scared of feeling like you're not worth it. Scared of feeling let down.

GIRL, I’ve been there. I lacked SO MUCH CONFIDENCE in my business and in my brand, that I was offering discounts on EVERYTHING. I was blocking myself from working with amazing clients because I didn’t think they would want to pay my prices. BUT I knew I needed to be charging premium prices… so what did I do? I told them I was too busy. I told them I wasn’t able to help them. I told them I was completely booked (even though I wasn’t).

Do you know how many awesome relationships I pushed away because of my own LACK OF CONFIDENCE???

I don’t want this to be you. It’s time for you to really start owning your business, your brand, your prices. Girl, it’s time to step forward in confidence!

You know what else I realized?

When I let my friends and potential clients actually make their own decisions about their own money, they WANTED to work with me! They WANTED to pay my premium prices because they valued me and my services. They WANTED the services that I had to offer because they believed I was worth it and could help them transform their business.

It’s the same for you!!! Your next client is out there waiting for you to show up in their life.

Hopefully you can learn from my mistake. DON’T offer discounts because you don’t think you’re worth it. DON’T block sales because you’re scared of charging premium prices. DON’T make someone elses decision for them... but instead, actually hear them out!

Here are 4 ways to build your confidence so you can start charging what you're actually worth!

1. Encouraging self talk

I know it sounds silly and believe me, it will feel silly at first too! But this is SO important!

  • Start out by telling yourself (yes, out loud) all of the reasons you ARE qualified to help your ideal client. "I am qualifed to help my ideal client because...".
  • Next, list your achievements that make you qualified. "I have achieved/done/acomplished ______ and ______ and that makes me an amazing expert at ______."
  • Then tell yourself the ways you have helped past clients before. "I helped ______ achieve ______ and they think I'm amazing because of it!" 

2. Journal affirmations

Get a new, fresh, clean notebook (isn't this the BEST??) and begin writing down all the things that make you highly capable of doing your job well. Here are some ideas to get you started...

  • I am highly capable of providing a KILLER service for my clients because ______.
  • I show up confident and ready to help my clients be the best that they can be by ______.
  • My next client is out there waiting for me to show up in their life and I will be more visible by doing/being ______.
  • My clients love me because they say ______ about me. (review past testimonials if you have them and journal your favorites!)

3. Dive into your support system

Dig into your strong foundation. Schedule a fun time with some supportive girlfriends or family members and ask them what they love about you or what makes you great at what you do

It's important to note... you should seek support from those you know will encourage you. If you have some toxic relationships that drain you or discourage you, you may want to look elsewhere for this exercise. If you're looking for a wonderful supportive place for World Changer LadyBosses... join my community here!

I would also recommend digging into your foundation of faith here too. Remind yourself what the Lord thinks about you and His promises.

4. Remember that everything will work out for you

Remember that at the end of the day, IT'S OK. Take a deep breath and know that you will get through this. You will come out stronger on the other side. This doesn't mean that life won't be hard. This doesn't mean that everything will be perfect... NO! But this does mean that we don't have to worry about what might happen. We can spend out precious energy focusing on here and now and what really matters. Tomorrow will take care of it self. Let's focus on today!

"So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For... your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
(excerpt from Matthew 6:25-34).


It's time to claim your confidence in who you are created to be and the impact you were made for. Now go out and OWN your biz and brand with confidence!

Always cheering you on,



PS. If you need a strong support group of other Lady Boss world changers, Check out my group here! I can't wait to learn more about you and your business!

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