The 7 most common Website Mistakes (that you’re probably making)

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you want to make sure that every resource available to you is working to its full potential. You can't afford to leave money sitting on the table or pay a monthly subscription for something you never use. That would be crazy, right!? You'd cancel that subscription and make sure you only pay for the things that are truly serving your business.

Well your website is no different. It has the potential to do a lot of heavy lifting in your business - saving you hours of each week and month. But oftentimes, I stumble across websites that are lacking some really important elements that equal less viewers, less leads, and ultimately, less sales.

It’s almost like most entrepreneurs are OK with their website just acting as an online place holder for their business.

But you’re not just any entrepreneur and you’re not ok with leaving potential sales on the table. This guide is for you!

Sandra Houseman_7 common website mistakes

Oftentimes when you start to DIY your website… you’re just winging it.

It can be overwhelming and confusing… you wonder if you’re doing it right, but you just want to get something up so you have a place to send prospective clients. I totally get that! But there actually are some pretty important elements that every website needs in order to turn viewers into clients (that’s the whole point anyways, right?!).

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In this downloadable guide you'll learn...

  • The 7 most common website mistakes I see that almost all of my clients are missing… 

  • Action steps to turn these mistakes around so you can begin gaining a consistent stream of new clients from your website… 

  • My 3-step framework to take your website from goal-less and turn it into the heavy-lifting machine it is intended to be…

If you're ready for a website that PROVES your value to your potential client, keeps them on your site longer and compels them to take action with you… then download this guide now!

Here’s just a highlight of what you’ll find inside this free guide…

  1. If you’re not setting strategic website GOALS, you could be losing sales. I’ll show you how to set your website goals and how to use those goals to book more clients and make more money.

  2. If your website is not mobile responsive then you’re losing viewers which ultimately means you’re loosing sales! Learn how to create a mobile responsive website so you keep more potential clients on your site longer.

  3. If your copy is not relatable (and set up for conversions), then you could be losing potential clients attention which means they aren’t reaching out, filling out your forms, or taking any type of action on your website.

  4. And there’s so many more tips + action steps to help you turn these mistakes around and start making massive impact in your business through a high-converting website.

Ready for a website that’s easy to manage and converts clients for you on autopilot?

Download the guide now!

Always cheering you on!


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