3 tips to steady business growth (to get out of the feast and famine)

I was chatting with a friend today and business came up. She asked how things were going and I mentioned having more work than I (literally) knew what to do with right now. Her reply was... "What changed? How did you get here?"

And honestly, it was a weird question to hear directed towards ME for a change. I've wondered the same thing over and over about others. Thinking maybe there was some 'special sauce' I was missing.

And also, it was a reality check. Because even though all evidence points to a booming business, there's still SO MUCH that I feel like i'm falling short in Every. Single. Day. It doesn't feel much different *here* than it did *there*. And I’m sure it won't feel much different *there* (that next level or milestone in biz) than it does here! 

So, I want to share my reflections on those questions today...

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1. Take consistent action.

The biggest thing that 'changed' (besides niching down to a scary level) was consistent action. I'm really great at giving up shortly after starting something new if I don't see it immediately skyrocketing towards success. GUYS, that fast skyrocket to success (almost) never happens! Don't let those shiny "how I made 6 figures in 3 months" stories fool you out of consistent action when things get hard. Just keep doing the small things that add up to BIG things, one day at a time.

2. STOP CHASING all of the fancy results.

That doesn't mean that you stop working (see point 1), but that does mean that you figure out how to be TRULY content right here, right now. Because if you're chasing that 1k, 3k, 10k month... trust me, once you get there it'll still feel empty because then you'll be chasing the next thing. It NEVER ENDS... unless you're chasing things that REALLY matter to you (those core WHYs). Get back to those and focusing on FEELING the way you want in life. Not focusing on HAVING the things you want. (See the difference?)

3. Celebrate the small, steady growth.

I know it doesn't feel flashy or worth celebrating, but it is!!! Those big wins are great, but if you don't follow it up with the little things, it's basically feast and famine. And those feast and famine cycles are not sustainable. This doesn’t mean you have to do any crazy big celebrations every time you have a small win (actually, I’d say DON’T do that)… but a simple night unplugged from your business, a weekend off, a long bubble bath, etc… all these are ways to consciously celebrate every single win! Remembering that the small things are what will add up to the big things is KEY!

Well, those are the 3 things that stood out in my reflection about what has brought me from feast and famine to more work than I know what to do with. What about you? Can you share one of your best tips below? Or if you don’t have your own tips yet (that’s ok! It’s taken me 5+ years to get here!), then share which one of these resonates with you the most!

Cheering you on!



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