3 must have outsourcing tips for the busy entrepreneur

I knew something needed to change but I didn't even know what. I just knew that my business was running me into the ground. I ALWAYS felt right on the brink of a breakthrough, but it was a never ending cycle of feast and famine.

Working hard to market to get more clients, then focusing on the clients while marketing took a back seat... leaving me with no new clients. Then I'd start the whole cycle over again.

Have you ever been there?

And the worst part was I couldn't see a real end in sight. I had all these big dreams but couldn't make sense of them. I'm an ideas person, not a detail person, and so my big ideas just stayed dreams and never made it to the real world...

I thought this was my biggest weakness.

I thought I had to try to change this. Like I could somehow become a details AND big idea person if I worked hard enough at it. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars trying to turn myself into a details person (coaching, courses, lessons... you name it!)

(And don't get me wrong... I'm ALL for personal development and self improvement, but sometimes you just have to embrace how YOU were made and who you were made to be!!)

I thought that hiring people to help me in my business wasn't possible because I had to reach a certain income level. I thought hiring people meant that I first had to be the best at it all.


Not one single thing I believed was actually true. And the last year has been me learning this in real, tangible ways.

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If I could go back and tell my new entrepreneur self anything it would be this...

  1. How YOU were made is your strength. Your ability to see big pictures and come up with a hundred ideas within 5 minutes is GOOD. Don't be ashamed for how God made you - you don't need to be different. 

    And I'd say the same to you... Whether you're a detailed person, a big picture person, or somewhere in between. You have strengths that are unique to you... and you have weaknesses and that's OK! Learn what these are and learn to embrace them. Recognize your weaknesses so you can spot potential road blocks in your business before they become huge sink holes! I know because I've been there... awareness is key!

  2. Outsource the details BEFORE you're ready. It's ok to find someone whose strength is your weakness. You don't need to have everything figured out first. What you REALLY need is someone to help you flesh out the details to your big ideas so some of them can actually become reality. Or if you are a details person, it's ok to find a big ideas person who can be the bread to your butter! (or the butter to your bread - whatever works!)

  3. If you're outsourcing before you're ready, you NEED to bring in more income as a result of that outsourcing (to keep paying for it!)... so with that extra time, do more of only the things YOU can do that will generate more revenue. Go live more. Host more webinars. Be more visibly active in your group. Don't spend more time on the back end tasks.

Most likely, these are the tasks that SCARE you! The tasks you've been putting off or will procrastinate on because they mean getting visible in big ways, putting yourself out there for criticism, and taking scary risks. But outsourcing is a big step! You can't stay where you are when you decide to take that step. You have to choose to push past these barriers that have kept you small in the past so you can zoom into new territory in your business.

Are you struggling with outsourcing or have you been believing any of these lies?? I'd love to hear your biggest takeaways and/or your own outsourcing breakthroughs in the comments below!

Always cheering you on, 



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