How to prepare for your branded business photoshoot

If you could only invest in ONE thing to improve your brand it should be professional portraits.

As a solopreneur and LadyBoss, you don’t just want any old pictures of yourself to be showcased on all of your social media accounts and your website… you need AMAZING images that will build your credibility and get your ideal clients to trust you so much faster!

People won’t trust you until they feel like they know you! And pictures go a LONG way to helping your audience feel like they know you!

Revitalize Branding - How to Prepare for Your Photoshoot

First and foremost, you must know your brand.

What are your brand words? (i.e. Fun, Simple, Professional, feminine, down-to-earth). Make sure you are maintaining consistency with your brand through your pictures!!!

Once you have your brand nailed down, you can get down to the fun part of planning for your own branded photoshoot! Check out this video for my 6 tips to plan the best photoshoot!

1.     Find the right photographer

This is one of the most important steps to having branded images that you LOVE! So how do you find the right photographer for your business AND your budget???

How to prepare for your branded photoshoot

First, Hit up google, ask for referrals from your Facebook friends, and ask for referrals in other female entrepreneur Facebook groups with members in your local area. Here are some other things to consider...

Once you’ve narrowed it down, look at their past work. BUT DON'T JUST LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE! You want to make sure that you can see multiple images from one session... not just the best of the best... because any photographer can get one great picture from a session. You want to know that you will be getting a LOT of great pictures from your session.

So, check out their pics on Facebook, on their blog, if you have a friend who has used them, then ask them if you can view the pics from their session!

Secondly, do you love the look of their pictures overall? If you don't absolutely LOVE the look of their pictures then you won't love the look of your pictures. Do the people in the pictures look happy and fun? Do they look rigid and posed?

And most importantly, do the pictures that you see look like they would belong in your brand? If you want your brand to be fun and down to earth with a genuine lifestyle feel, then you probably want lots of candid pictures. This means you'll want to find a photographer who specializes in candid lifestyle pictures vs posed pictures.

2.     Communicating with your photographer

Communicating with your photographer is also extremely important. You need to make sure that you are going to be getting the services that you want and that you are both on the same page. Some things to consider...

- Are they ok with helping you brainstorm locations and props that will match your brand identity?

How to prepare for your branded photoshoot

- How many images will you receive from your session?

- Will you get digital image files?

- Will these files be large enough for you to use on your website or in prints? (At least 1600 pixels wide for website banners and at least 3000 pixels wide for larger prints)

- Will they allow you to use images that are not watermarked on your website and on social media?

- What type of copyright will you get? Or what do they want you to do in order to use the pictures online? Where will you need to give them credit?

- Will they allow any clothing changes? How do they advise you prepare for your session if you are wanting some different looks? (Typically, you can wear the same shirt and pants, but switch up as many accessories as you would like to get some really different looks!)

Revitalize Branding - Choose your Photoshoot Pics

3.     Where and how will you use your pictures?

Knowing this will help you determine what type of images you need!Here are a few common places to use your new branded pictures...

- Your website – You will need a LOT of horizontal photos for banners and full-width images for your website.

- Value giving posts on social media – Consider getting some lifestyle images or prop images (think table top, pics of your office area, candid pics of you typing or talking on the phone, etc.)

- Profile pictures and about pages – you will want a few really good head shot style images to use for profile pics and “about me” pictures. Make sure to get close up pictures and full body images as well.

- Guides, freebies, and workbooks – do you need pictures of you working? Hands on your keyboard, drinking your morning coffee, playing with your kids, etc.

Make sure to think about whre you will want to use your pictures and disucss this with your photographer so they can help you plan for the best images.

4.      Shot list & Ideas

You will need to think about and plan for the pictures you want to get before the big photoshoot day! Here are a few different things to think about while preparing a shot list.

- You will probably want some posed “headshots". Your brand will determine how “professional” these pics are… but you will for sure want some posed, looking at the camera pics. Make sure to ask for some close up to your face and some further away... maybe even some body shots to add some variety into your "about me" page!

How to prepare for your branded photoshoot

- You may want some lifestyle working pictures. Building that know, like, and trust factor is huge! Keep these images natural and real. If you typically work on the couch, then get some pics there! If you work outside, then take your laptop outside! Work on your phone a lot? Then get a pic of you talking on the phone. The goals is to look professional while still maintaining your authenticity!

- Do you need styled “accessory” pics? This would include pictures of your laptop on your desk, pictures of your planner and pen on a table, or your office decor in general.

- And my favorite... Lifestyle pictures! These are pics of you just living your normal life! You can incorporate your family into some of these, some of you and your kids, some of you and your dog… you name it! Just make sure this all makes sense with the foundation and “message” of your business!!!

5.     Incorporating your brand

Now that we know what type of pictures we want to get, we need to think about how to tie it all together with our brand! Here are some simple things to think about...

- Location – Make sure your location will support your brand vibe and colors. For example, if you know that the color green will clash with your brand... then don't take pictures out in a big field with lots of green grass and trees! Try to find a location that supports your colors vs working against them.

- Clothing – Choose clothes that are natural for you! Your clothes should support your brand aesthetic. It should make sense with your brand board… if you have a crazy, fun and funky brand, then go crazy and funky! If you have a professional brand, then go professional. If you have a down to earth brand, then make sure to wear clothes that show you as “down-to-earth”.

- Accessories - How can you incorporate your brand colors and vibe through your accessories? If you only have one clothing option with your session, then make sure to really play up your accessories to get a different look and feel throughout your session! Necklaces, bracelets, jackets, shoes, purses, sun glasses, flowers, etc! The sky is the limit here!

- Hair and makeup – Yes, make yourself look good... but remember to be natural!

How to prepare for your branded photoshoot

6.     Building the know, like, and trust factor!

As an online solopreneur, you MUST get people to trust you before they will ever consider buying from you. Your pics are the number one way to get there! So make sure you have a GREAT first impression that will help people get to know the REAL and GENUINE YOU!

Another tip... It’s better to wait and save up money for GREAT pics vs having lower quality pictures taken. You can take low-quality pics yourself for free… so don’t pay for this!!! Take the time to hire a GREAT photographer the first time!

I hope this was helpful for you as you plan your own branded photoshoot! Feel free to reach out to me any time for support or to help you walk through planning for your own photoshoot!

Also, leave a comment below with your best brand photoshoot tips! I can't wait to hear from you!

Always cheering you on,

Revitalize Branding - Prepare for your branded photoshoot

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