How to easily boost your Squarespace SEO (Part 1)

Organic traffic on our Squarespace website that converts to paying clients... It’s what we all want, right?

But does the overwhelm of SEO keep you paralyzed? You would love to improve your SEO, but you're not sure how to make it happen and you don't have extra money sitting around to hire an SEO expert right now... not when a million-and-one other things have to also be done.

 How to boost your Squarespace SEO

As a Squarespace web designer...

I help my clients implement basic SEO practices every day, and I'm here to show you how to do that for youself with my free Squarespace SEO Checklist!

So let's break down (into plain English) how basic SEO works...

Google and other search engines use 'bots' to crawl and index your website. They look over ALLL the words you use on your website - header text, body text, image captions, image file names, page names, site descriptions, and on and on - and determine what your website is about and who it should be recommended to based on those words.

It notices words and phrases that you use often and it assumes that THAT is what your site is about.

Pretend we are doing a Google search...

We hop on Google and type in something like "best dog trainer in Kansas City" or "how to build a Squarespace website". Google then pulls the most relevant websites to show us first... they choose these relevant websites based on the site content, how credible the site is (based on how many other sites link to them), how fast the website loads, if the site is mobile friendly, and more.

So you click on the top result... and maybe the next 2 or three results... and you begin learning more about your searched topic.

Now we know how it all works behind the scenes... but how do you bridge the gap? How do you make sure you are landing in the first few spots that Google recommends for a given topic?

In Part 1 of Boost Your Squarespace SEO, I am going to show you some simple site-wide setting adjustments.

 boost your Squarespace SEO

Go to your Squarespace website dashboard.

1. Update business information.

Make sure your business name, address (at least city/state if you don’t have a physical address), phone number, email and physical location are all filled in.

2. Basic information.

The important thing here is to make sure your site description is filled out and relevant. You want to make sure that you are using your top keywords or phrases in this description.

3. Domains.

If you have multiple domain names, make sure your main domain name is set as the primary. Also, you can and should rename your squarespace built-in domain. I changed mine from a whole string of irrelevant letters/numbers to sandra-houseman-web-designer.

4. Connected accounts.

 boost your Squarespace SEO

Iocial media sites typically rank well on search engines, make sure to connect all of your active accounts here.

5. SEO.

Update your search engine description (make sure to include keyword phrases), title format (I changed mine to “%p - Squarespace Expert” because I want the page title to show up on a search and I want to show up when someone is looking for a Squarespace expert), homepage title format (I changed mine to “Sandra Houseman Squarespace Designer” because I want to show up when someone searches my name and I want to be found when someone searches for a Squarespace Designer).

6. Blogging.

Change the URL format. I updated mine to be “%t” because I didn’t want a long and confusing URL. This ensures that my blog post URLs will only be the title. Example: vs - short and simple is best. Also, select to “use AMP” under ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES. This will load your blog posts faster on mobile.

7. Security & SSL.

Google likes pages that are secure. In this section, make sure that “Secured (preferred)” is selected.



That sums up part 1 of Boost Your Squarespace SEO.

Don't want to wait?

If you want to skip the blogs and get the entire Squarespace SEO Checklist sent straight to your inbox right now, then you can just download it below.


 Boost your Squarespace SEO

Stay tuned for part 2!

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