How to live your freedom lifestyle right now

STOP letting numbers dictate the level of “freedom” you have in life.

I know you dream of that freedom lifestyle. The life that allows you to do awesome things, go awesome places, and spend a crazy amount of time with your family.

To finally leave your “day job” while making money doing something you LOVE.

To finally start spending quality time with your family instead of sacrificing those precious moments to build your business.

To have the money to give graciously to your church, favorite charity, or organization doing awesome things in the world instead of always wishing you could give more, do more, go more.

To actually be able to fund awesome, world-changing things yourself! (I dream of building an orphanage in another country, what about you?)

I dream of these things too. But if we’re not careful, we can find ourselves living in constant pursuit of this freedom and let this life we have in front of us RIGHT NOW pass us by! We can begin to let numbers dictate the freedom we feel in life right now.


We can begin to think “once I am making consistent $5,000 months in business (or 1k, 10k, 20k, etc.) THEN I will be able to have that freedom I dream of.”

Or “if only we had more money we would be able to do more, go more, be more, love more...”

And you know what? You will never “arrive” at your FREEDOM LIFESTYLE if you’re only chasing a monetary goal! You will hit your goal only to find out you still need more.  

This is why so many keep spinning their wheels month after month… always feeling empty, defeated, overwhelmed, and unsure of their next step.

Are you ready to stop this cycle and begin living in true freedom?

Here are 4 tips to stop the number chasing cycle and begin living your FREEDOM LIFESTYLE right now.

 1.    Get in alignment with (and accept) your calling.


It’s time to get brutally honest with yourself. What is it that you are being called to do? Who are you being called to serve?

It’s time to do some soul searching, praying, and seeking the Lord for guidance. You can never have your most freedom-filled lifestyle if you are feeling uneasy inside.

2.    Tackle the things in life that are bothering you.

What is it that is bogging you down?

Is it that massive pile of laundry laying on the floor that you feel guilty about?

Is it the lack of planning that you are putting into meal prepping and all of those drive-through runs?

Is it not spending enough quality time with your kids or husband?

Is it finances and overspending?

Is it working 10-12 hour workdays?

Whatever is bogging you down and bringing guilt, anxiety, and stress into your life. RELEASE IT.

Give yourself grace over those things and realize that these things do not define you.

Begin moving forward with grace. Make a plan to face each of these things head on and tackle them. Remember, progress over perfection. These things have been weighing on you for so long that it won’t be an overnight fix. It will take time, but you will get there.

3.    Get really intentional with your time.  

What feelings do you desire most in life? Maybe it’s freedom, peace, abundance, gratitude… whatever it is that you desire, think about what it is that makes you feel this way RIGHT NOW.

If you know that having a clean house, meals prepped, working out consistently, and spending quality time with your family all bring you a feeling of abundance and peace… then start doing more of these things! Actually plan these things that light you up on your schedule.

4.    Intentionally plan for rest.


You can’t help others if you’re burnt out. You can’t pour into others if you are empty.

It’s time to get intentional in planning to take care of yourself! Stop right now and think of that thing (or multiple things) that fill you up.

Spending quality time alone with the Lord each day?

Getting your nails done?

Taking a long shower (without the pressure of knowing the house may be falling apart in the meantime! LOL)

Having a fun night out with the girlfriends.

Sit down today and schedule one of those things on your calendar for this week. And next week… and as many as you want! You can’t pour into your business, your home, your kids, your husband, your clients… if you are all poured out!

You can’t have freedom and abundance if you are empty!

I hope this was helpful for you! Let’s stop constantly chasing the dream and the arbitrary numbers, and start grabbing the FREEDOM that is right in front of us.

The freedom that is ready to be scooped up and intentionally LIVED!

Always cheering you on,


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