How to get visible on Facebook

I remember the first time I was asked the question... "so how are you getting visible on Facebook?"

I sat there for a moment not quite sure what to say.

How to get visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding

I mean, I had a Facebook business page, I posted regularly, and then I shared that to my personal profile. I also occasionally boosted an ad. That's pretty good, right?

"So, What else is there?"... I thought.

The truth is that Facebook is a MASSIVE ocean of online potential that has the power to COMPLETELY transform your business! And there is SO much more than the things I just listed. I had SO much to learn!

Here's the thing... Your next client is out there right now waiting for you. They are ready to buy. They want and NEED what you have to offer. But if you never show up in front of them, then they have no choice but to settle for someone else.

I really have seen MASSIVE shifts in my business since tapping into the power of Facebook! I have spent countless HOURS researching, reading, listening to podcasts and audio books... and I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on advice tailored specifically to my business.

But at the end of the day, I was left still feeling a little overwhelmed and lost. I have a feeling you know what I mean.

  • You HATE having to search for your next client
  • You HATE chasing potential leads
  • You HATE feeling spammy

Yep, I get it. I was in the same boat.

So you know what I did? I stopped doing all the things that felt wrong for me and my business. I got back to my roots and started doing ONLY the things that supported my brand purpose and message.

Things like... Service. Encouragement. Value.

Through my time of self discovery and regrouping... I discovered a strategy that allows me to feel GREAT (and NOT spammy) about Facebook networking! And I'm SO excited to share it ALL with you!

I recently did a video training that walks you through all my secrets! Things like...

- Optimizing your personal profile (and WHY it matters)
- Why you DO need a Facebook page for your business
- Groups! Content creation + my post schedule
- Facebook messenger and why it should be your new best friend

Watch the video now...


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