How to change the font color of only one paragraph in squarespace

Have you ever wanted to change the color or size of just oneee little section of text in Squarespace without it affecting your entire site? Gosh, I'm pretty sure we've all been there! Well, today I'm showing you exactly how to do that. Keep reading to find out how and watch the tutorial video below. 

In my example, I have set the heading 2 script font color to a pretty pink... but you'll see in the video that the banner image I want to display behind the text is also a rose color. Ugh! 

Well friend, in the past you would let out a big sigh and go into the design site styles so you could pick a new color for your heading 2 font... which would change the color throughout your entire site. Orrrrr you might just change the background color. 

BUT... after reading this post, the new you will be able to change the color of that one little section of text without breaking a sweat. 

You ready??

Well first thing's first... you need to install this Google Chrome Squarespace Block Identifier... 

Next, you will identify your block, click on the little "B" in the browser corner, and copy the block ID code. 

Go into your DESIGN tab and click on CUSTOM CSS. 

Next, you will paste your block code into the CSS box. You will call out your font by putting 'h1' ... 'h2' ... 'h3' or 'p' right after the block ID. 

Add your curly brackets... and then you will be able to add the following code... 

If you want to change the color you will put "color: #000000;" (put your own color numbers there. Use this tool to find your own hex code color numbers)

If you want to change the size you will put "font-size: SIZEpx;" (you can also use 'em' instead of 'px')

Here's an example of what that could look like (you can copy and paste this and add your own Squarespace block ID, color code, and font size)... 


  color: #000000;

  font-size: 35px;


There you go! Wasn't that simple?? I bet you didn't think you would be able to code, but I bet it was easier than you were expecting!

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Was this tutorial helpful? I want to know if you want more tutorials like this or if you want me to stick to more 'basic' stuff... so please let me know below!

Cheering you on!



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