4 ways to properly convey your brand message

Do you have this aching inside of you that you were made for more than the mundane, wheel-spinnning life? Oh boy, do I get that. For years I worked my 9-5, constantly feeling like I was made for more, but I didn't know what that more was! I felt a little lost and confused every time I thought about all of the impact I wanted to make in the world, but I could never figure out how to get there. Finally, through intentional self discovery, lots of prayer, and hard mindset changes, I began to discover exactly what the Lord had been calling me to... and here I am!

I launched Revitalize Branding as a way to help other driven, world-changing women stand out in their own industries, make greater impact, and get their purpose and message to those who need it most.

Because I believe that together, we can make greater impact than we ever could on our own.

My jam - the special sauce of Revitalize Branding - is in giving you a purposeful brand foundation and a beautiful visual identity that supports who you are, down to the very passion and heart of your business. I believe that your brand has the power to completely transform your business. That's my goal... your transformation.

You have a purpose and a mission and you want to get your message and services to those who need it most. But the big question is… HOW?

How do you get your purpose and message out of your head and present it to potential clients in a way that makes them actually want to invest in it (and in you)? I hear you, this is a real struggle and it’s SO overwhelming because you are constantly spinning all the plates - juggling all the things. You don’t have time to sit down and figure this out, and if you did, you wouldn’t even know where to begin!

In this post we're assuming (1) that you already have a killer service based business that offers awesome value and (2) that you know who your ideal client already is. (if you don't have these things narrowed down yet, I will be posting more about this lately!)



Good news! Today I am outlining 4 ways to help you properly convey your brand message to the world.

    1. Know your message inside and out and be consistent – In order to properly convey it, you must know it! If you could only share one thing about your business to your ideal client, what would it be? Be able to share this message in one short sentence. Keep it simple and easy for those around you to understand and grasp what you do. Trying to share too much about your business all at once will only cause confusion. Not only do you want your ideal client to remember you, but you want to strategically plant in their mind what it is you want them to remember. Make sure you know what this thing is.

    2. Build authentic relationships (and actually care about your people) – There's nothing that turns a person away from your business faster than feeling like they are being sold to when they don't want to be. It is much better to develop a connection with someone who will remember you and your message (even if they don't buy now), than to try to push a sale resulting in someone who distances themselves from you and your business. Plus, people rarely buy on the first contact with your business anyways, so make the first contact about genuinely getting to know them.
    3. Sell well-being and value (NOT your products and services) – This one's huge! I see business owners ALL THE TIME who write about their services or products and they never talk about the life transformation and value that their products and services actually bring! If you are selling an air conditioning unit, you aren't actually selling the unit itself, but instead you are selling comfort, an escape from the heat, lower humidity, peace of mind not having to worry about it breaking all the time. So think about what value and well-being you bring to the table. That is what you need to focus on selling... when you focus on selling your products and services, then you can end up sounding spammy. But when you are genuinely focused on improving the lives of those who you are selling to, then you go from spammy and sleezy, to a valuable resource!
    4. Drum roll please... My biggest tip to properly convey your brand message...
      Be true to your brand in your real, everyday life! - This one is so important and so often forgotten. Practice what you preach! Whatever your message is (the thing that drives your business), make sure that you are living it in the everyday life of your business. This tip also bleeds into every aspect of your brand, too! If your brand personality is simple, easy going, down to earth, and approachable, then be those things in real life! If your message is to encourage women to live their most joyful lives, then start by living yours. More is caught than is taught, and the same is true for your brand message. The world is watching, make sure they see you being true to your brand!



      I am so very confident that you are capable of amazing things and I am cheering you on!


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