Hey girl,

It's time to ditch the cookie cutter business model and get back to loving your life!

Sandra Houseman Online Business Coach

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Hi, I'm Sandra! 

Online empowerment and business coach for the go-getter (that's you!) who dreams of really big things...

Because I had those dreams too.


I had always dreamed of putting my family before my career...

I finally thought I had achieved that dream when I quit my corporate job and started my own business. After all, that's the dream, right? Start a business, book clients, make money on your own terms, and spend TONS of free-time with your family.

Well, truth bomb... I found that all a LOT harder to actually do than I ever imagined.

Clients weren't lining up to work with me. I was burnt out and exhausted - leaving little time for my family. And despite all my efforts, people still didn't even know who I was! It was like I was swimming up-stream in a HUGE sea of ladies who were all trying to do the same thing.

I knew all the "right" things I "should" do to grow my business. I had hired high-level business coaches and invested THOUSANDS in growing my business. I had a top-notch brand and I even had a large group of followers.

But at the end of the day, dispite making all the "right moves", I was still burnt out, overwhelmed, and falling short of that freedom-filled life I had sought out to find.

Can you relate? Have you been searching for the freedom and success you've been dreaming of just to find yourself falling short or hitting these invisible glass ceilings month after month?

Well there's good news, girl! It took some pretty massive shifts in the way I was approaching my life and business (plus some serious strategy + automation), but I eventually did break out of the rat race and I am now living a life that I love. I work only 20 hours per week and I really do make money (and HUGE impact!) on my own terms... This past year, I even made sales on automate while spending time with my family on the beach!


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Online Christian Business Coach

"My sales have doubled since working with Sandra and my number of hours worked per week have not! Her support was a complete game changer for my business!...

I was worried about the financial investment but have made that back and then some. I also worried about not loving the outcome, but Sandra eased those fears very quickly! She worked with me on my brand until everything was absolute perfection! She was always super quick to respond to my questions and her customer service was AMAZING!"

- Kristen Long-Buck, 3 Little Readers