Why you need to be a joy bringer in times of struggle


All the tears came yesterday morning at my 6:30am prayer group...

First, I want you all to know, I am not very strong on my own. Not some super woman. Not naturally a "pull up the boot straps and get to work" kind of gal. Nope, NOT ON MY OWN.

Sandra Houseman Business Coach

But I have a God who makes me all of this because of who HE is.

And I have a prayer group who reminds me of who God has made me to be and encourages me to walk bravely in that.

And I have a group of wonderful, amazing teammates in this biz who pour truth into me daily. To pursue excellence. To serve greater. To dream bigger.


And big dreams are OK.
We can all stop feeling ashamed or guilty for wanting more.

🔸 to make more impact
🔸 to give more generously
🔸 to go on a really nice vacation
🔸 to spend more down time with family

These are the things I almost said no to because I was scared of what people would think. And I cried all the tears yesterday morning because I still care what people think.

And if you don't know this about me... I started a second business 8 weeks ago... IN NETWORK MARKETING of all things!!! (GASP!)

And I've been quiet about it here.
But honestly, I struggle big time to be open and honest about the fact that I am finding huge amounts of joy (AND SUCCESS) in this network marketing business God has me in.

Because sometimes sharing success feels weird.

Sharing wins can bring a sense of *unnecessary* guilt...
Guilt because life is going well when some around us are hurting. Guilt for sharing success when we feel like it’s above and beyond what we NEED. Guilt for having things that others don’t at the moment.

But guys. I can't not share it any more.
Because the world needs JOY BRINGERS.

The world needs those who are not struggling to bring the joy because heaven knows there will be a time when I’m not feeling the joy. When I’m not feeling successful. When I’m struggling. When I’m not feeling like life is going well… and I’ll NEED someone to help me bring the joy.

The truth is… This network marketing experience has been transforming my life. My business. My time. My finances. My walk with the Lord.

All. The. Things.

And it still scares me to share this because I’m still scared of what people will think!

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  • What will people think when they hear the words "network marketing" and all they know is that really yucky experience that makes them roll their eyes?
  • What will they think when I’ve earned a paid for Cadillac? (Guys, I could care less about the make/model of the car, but Cadillac's are what this company gives.)
  • What will people think when I’ve earned a trip to the Bahamas for my husband and I?
  • Or what will they think when I match 2 weeks of my corporate full time income in just one weeks worth of paychecks in this new "side hustle"? (Which I just did after only 8 weeks of building this business)

And what will people think when I share these things - these successes - publicly?

But something I want to be clear about is this:

I don't share this for attention or praise.
It’s not about me. It’s not about my success. It’s not about these things. It’s not about the money, cars, trips…

I share this for you.

I share this for the mama who knows she was made for more but feels like she has nothing to give the world. That mama who needs to hear that she CAN make an impact.

I share this for the corporate hustler who is ready to leave the 9-5 and needs to hear that it IS possible to start a business from home without investing thousands and putting your family in crazy amounts of debt. (This has been the SMALLEST business investment I've made to this date AND it has given me the biggest return... x10!)

I share this for the scared, pregnant mama who wants to stay home with her baby and needs to see someone else doing this thing (and succeeding!) to believe that it is possible for her too.

But at the end of the day, this is about helping you realize who you are in Christ.


That you are loved. That you are empowered. That you are enough. That you do have what it takes. That if this normal girl can do these things that it is possible for you too.

It’s about realizing who you have been created to be. Who you already are.

You are a believer in a God of the impossible. You are a bold dreamer. You are a difference maker. You have a voice that can influence others. And you are capable of doing the things God has put on your heart.

Because even though you feel small, HE is a big.

Even though you are not perfect, HE is.

Even though you don’t know all the steps, HE does.

You don't have to wait for someday to step into the "more" you feel like you've been created for. That day can be today.


I’d love to invite you on this journey with me. I'd LOVE to coach you one-on-one (this is the cheapest way to EVER work 1:1 with me!). And I'd love to pour into you just like I am the other ladies who are joining my team.

To encourage you towards excellence. To pursue big dreams with you. And to learn together (daily!) who HE is calling us to be.

Because that’s what this is about.

Sandra Houseman - Empowerment Coach

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