How to set up custom Facebook lists

Facebook lists have transformed the way that I use my Facebook profile to network with other female entrepreneurs online!

I am a pretty private person in general... I don't like the idea of having all of my kiddos pictures out there online for EVERYONE to see. Because of that, I tend to keep my Facebook pretty secure and private.

getting visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding

I've head MANY friends tell me that they believe you need to make your personal profile public if you're using Facebook for your business.

I am here to tell you that I don't agree... and I've found a way around this. I have found a way to use my Facebook profile (along with my business page and groups) to grow my business... And now I am doubling my corporate income and pretty much every sale comes through Facebook alone!

Facebook is a HUGE OCEAN of potential... it's time that you tap into the power of Facebook and start using it to grow your business!

I recently shared a pre-recorded live training that I did all about my Facebook strategy and it got RAVING reviews... Just see for yourself:

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But I had a lot of questions about how to create a custom list of friends so you didn't have to share all of your personal stuff (kids pictures, posts about family, etc.) with the whole world.

So that's what I'm going to show you today!

First... you need to know why using a list is important...

  • I can add all of the people who I don't personally know (all of my female entrepreneur friends that I meet online) to a specific friend list.
  • This allows me to create posts on my personal profile that ONLY get shown to this list... this means I don't spam all of my family and friends with unwanted info about my biz!
  • This allows me to keep my personal stuff private. I just go in and select that this specific list (of female entrepreneurs) doesn't see my day-to-day posts.

So how do you set up this list and start using it??

1. Create a new list - Click on Friend Lists on the left side of your Facebook home screen.

getting visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding

2. Click "+ Create List" at the top of the page.

getting visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding

Create a new list and title this whatever you want! I have called mine "LadyBosses".


Now you have to actually assign certain friends to this list.

1. Go to your friends page and click on the "Friends" drop down button at the top.

getting visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding

2. If the list doesn't show up in the drop down, you can select "add to another list".

getting visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding

3. Click the list you would like to add this person to.

getting visible on Facebook - Revitalize Branding


That's it! Now this person is on your friends list! If you get a new friend request and you don't know this person, you can add them to your new list as well.

To do this, you will go to their profile before adding them as a friend (if you don't do this and you get a lot of requests, you may forget their name and not be able to find them... I've done this!). Next you will confirm their friend request and then add them to the list. Super easy!

I hope this helps you feel so much more confident about getting visible on Facebook and using your personal profile to help grow your business!

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Always cheering you on,


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