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Hey girl! I'm Sandra Houseman...

And I'm an online empowerment + business coach for driven, service-based entrepreneurs who are ready to really start loving their life.

And if there's one thing I've learned after years of business building...
It's that your life and business is no place for cookie-cutters.

I struggled for months in my online business and eventually reached a level of burn out that left me exhausted. I started my business for more freedom, but instead I found overwhelm and burnout that kept taking me more and more away from my family. I kept putting my faith on the back burner because there seemed to always "more important" things that I "should be doing" instead of meeting with God or having a quiet time.

I knew all the "right" pieces to build my business, and had tried putting them together in all the "right" ways... but it just wasn't working for me in the same way it had worked for others who had given me these step-by-step list of strategies to find instant success. 

I felt stuck.
And you know the constant question that played in my head?
"What if I'm not cut out for this?" 

    I work with ladies who are tired of playing small...

    • I work with ladies who are tired of living in "burnt-out" or "crazy mama" mode...
    • I work with ladies who KNOW it's time to stand up and actually DO SOMETHING about the passion God has put on their heart... and get it into the world in BIG ways...
    • I work with ladies who are striving to put their faith and family before their business...
    • I work with ladies who are ready to say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and are willing to get out of their comfort zones to make some pretty amazing things happen in life.

    Sandra Headshots - Non-watermarked (188 of 188).jpg
    Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach - Testamonial

    “Sandra had an amazing ability to listen and make me feel comfortable as I laid out the vision for my business!...

    She creatively took that vision and helped me come up with a brand that was clean, BEAUTIFUL, and perfectly aligned with my needs. The best part? Her support made me SO CONFIDENT to walk in the direction of my dreams!”

    Whitney Putnam, Author, Speaker
    and Founder of Imperfectly Brave



    That thought kept running through my head. I wanted to ditch the to-do list and binge watch Netflix ALL. DAY. LONG. 

    And so I did (only a 'few' days - shhh don't tell).

    My business wasn't moving forward. I had lost that "spark" I had back when I first started. And I had put so many investments on my credit card but I wasn't getting the clients or income to pay it all back.

    Have you heard that before? Tthat's what they all tell you to do, right? You have to invest so you can learn... learn so you can do... do so you can make money back... And when you get stuck, well, then it's time to invest again because apparently there's something you still need to learn. 


    Yeah, I've been through that rat race. I've done the cookie cutter thing. I've tried it all. 

    And you know where it left me? 

    Exhausted. Burnt out. Feeling defeated. Wondering if it was all worth it. Wondering if my husband would still believe in me if I "failed". Wondering what my next step should be. And at the end of the day, it left me with a whole lot of business debt I didn't know how I was going to pay back.


    So, right there, at the end of my rope and desperate for change in my business and life... I began to go back to the basics. 

    I began to put the parts of my life that had been crumbling back into perspective. Back into the RIGHT order of priority. (FAITH. FAMILY. BUSINESS.)

    I began to push away the list of "should do's" and do only what I needed for me (because you HAVE to have a full cup to serve others well!). I began to seek time with the Lord like it was the most important "should do" of each day (because IT IS!). I began to set boundaries for my family time. I began to search for TRULY like-minded women who were striving for the same type of "balance" in their life to walk this road with - a tribe I could REALLY do business with.

    I also began to look at my investments in a new light... and instead of being desperate to find the next "magic potion" investment that would "fix everything for me" (truth bomb: they don't exist!)... I began to look for someone to invest in who REALLY got me. Who got my faith. Who got my priorities. Who wasn't going to push my business into every crevice of my life while everything else got put on the back burner (been there done that).


    Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach

    Jenny-Lyn's Story...

    "Before I started to work with Sandra I was very unfocused in my business as I was wrestling with the calling God had placed on my life. I had a lot of fears about really putting myself out there and was still wanting to serve/please everyone. I was showing up small and therefore not attracting the women REALLY in need of the unique solution I have to offer.

    Sandra helped me to get realigned with the Vision God placed in my heart, His view of me and to get comfortable sharing the very specific message He gave me. Now the people He ordained me to serve through my business are finding me!

    My biggest takeaway is that my brand is exactly that: showing up as the person God created me to be, sharing the message He gave me, in exactly the way He shows me and owning all of it!

    Since working with Sandra there has been an increase in interest in my work both on- and off-line and I know as long as I continue to show up "on brand", increase will only be inevitable.

    No more playing small when I serve a BIG God! Thank you so much Sandra!"

    - Jenny-Lyn Allen, Marriage Success Coach



    And I even put it on a credit card (gasp). BUT, this time I invested the RIGHT way. I took my time. I followed this person for a while. I read their blog posts. I watched their live videos. I looked at their testimonials and actually reached out to some of those people to ask them their REAL, RAW thoughts about this person. I learned what they thought about faith, family, business... and priorities. I asked if their priorities in life matched up with mine. I had a call with them and it was REALLY good. 

    Then I dove in. And you know what happened?


    With the RIGHT help, everything began to fall back into perspective. I began to realize my passion for this business again. I created programs I was truly lit up about instead of always worrying about what would sell best. I MADE time for my faith and family first and my business began to take it's rightful place in my life again... 

    I gave myself grace. Grace to build my business slower in some seasons. And grace to build my business faster in others. 

    I worked when and how I wanted. I did pull late nights and long hours, but I was working on things I was truly passionate about. Things God had put on my heart to get into the world. And it's crazy... when that happens... you don't feel burnt out about putting in extra hours or working late nights!! 

    It just all starts to make sense.
    And best of all... I began to make a REAL income.


    I want life to make sense again. I want you to be truly passionate about the things you're working on in business. I want to help bring more freedom into your family, faith, business... and life in general. And yes, I want the REAL, life-changing income to follow.




    Let me help you get there.

    How can I help you?


    This program gives you all the things you need and leaves the rest... because as an entrepreneur, your money matters. What you REALLY need right now is a strong brand foundation, a beautiful (mobile and desktop) website, a captivating logo, and you need to know how to strategically use it all. 

    Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach

    BOOST is an intensive one-on-one program for ladies who are wanting to ditch fear and see immediate results in their brand and business. This program dives into the the areas you are currently struggling and breaks through barriers that are keeping you from reaching your next level of success. It's time to BOOST your brand and business!

    Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach

    You have BIG dreams but each month you just can't seem to break through that invisible ceiling keeping you right where you're at. This program is designed for ladies who are tired of playing it small. Mindset, branding and design, online strategy, automation... this program has it all and it's 100% tailored to YOU!

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