So, why Squarespace?

Great question! The truth is that there are many great website programs out there. I spent a few years designing in WordPress and love it as well, but here are some of the reasons I have settled on Squarespace... (click on each box below to read more)

+ 01. It's easy to edit, update, and manage yourself.

One of the biggest headaches of having a website professionally designed is your limited knowledge of how to update the content and images yourself. You might find yourself spending hours pulling your hair out to change one section of text. But not With Squarespace! You will be able to experience one of the best user interfaces EVER. And don't worry about having to use any code... Because you are able to actually SEE the changes you are making on your site while you are making them.

+ 02. It's fully customizable.

Even though Squarespace seems like a "simpler" option over WordPress (and it is!), rest assured that it is still a robust powerhouse able to be fully customized to achieve the look you are after. It doesn't have to look cookie-cutter at all! (Like this site you're on now?? It's a Squarespace site!)

+ 03. It has robust SEO capabilities.

With Squarespace, you are still able to add all the information needed into the back end of your site to make search engines love you. No need to install a plugin... Just add your keyword phrases in the right spots (or let me do it for you) and you're ready to go!

+ 04. It looks great across all platforms.

Your site will look great on ANY screen from a cell phone to an extra large desktop monitor. No need to worry about how your site looks to your on-the-go clientele! (after all, research shows that over half of the population now views online content from their phone!)

+ 05. It's secure.

With Squarespace, you don't have to worry about plugins leaving your site vulnerable to attacks. Your monthly hosting fee includes it ALL, so you can rest assured that your site will still be there - looking awesome - day in and day out. And if anything ever does happen, Squarespace customer service and support team will be there to help you out - at no additional charge.

+ 06. It has an amazing customer support team (at no additional cost).

If you ever have any issues with your site, you are able to quickly and easily get help to guide you through your troubles. But rest assured, making basic edits to your site is SO easy you won't even need this amazing bonus. Unlike WordPress where you have to pay someone anytime you need support or have a question.

+ 07. It has an already integrated E-Commerce option.

If you would like to sell programs, packages, or products on your website, you can easily do that with Squarespace - and it's built in! No need to install a plugin and configure confusing settings. Squarespace makes receiving payments (or donations) via stripe or PayPal easy!

+ 08. You can easily login with the ESC key.

Never forget how to log into your website again. Just go to your site, press escape, and BAM - you're at your login screen. Easy peasy.

+ 09. The cost is all inclusive.

With just one monthly payment, you get everything you need to keep your website up and running... Instead of having to purchase your hosting, buy a template, and plugins, plus pay for added security (and you NEED a security plan with a WordPress site), etc. With Squarespace, you can either pay one annual fee and save, or pay smaller amounts monthly.

+ 10. My clients LOVE it.

I have worked with so many clients who have come to me totally overwhelmed with their WordPress website. They can't figure out how to make simple changes... like changing the color of their buttons, shifting text, changing a font or an image, etc., and they are tired of shelling out more money every time they need these small change made. But once I show them how Squarespace works, they are sold. Most of my client's are even able to use my video tutorials (a free gift from me to anyone who purchases a website package!) to build additional pages they need down the road. And of course, I'm always here to help when needed.