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When it comes to being website savvy, you're the real deal! You know how to run your website like a real CEO and have your priorities in order. While there is still much to learn, you have the basics down and are on track to build a solid online conversion machine. One of your biggest attributes as an entrepreneur is your drive to constantly take your business (and yourself) to new levels.

Below are 3 action steps you can take today to begin improving your online presence and make your website work FOR you.

Step 1: Continue to fine-tune your website goals

The first step (before trying to increase your organic traffic) is to have a lead generating system in place THAT WORKS (this is the key and you’re well on your way to having this down!). So let’s make sure you’re solid on your website goals.

Do you want to convert traffic into subscribers on your email list? Or maybe get them to opt-in to your messenger bot list? Want them to join your Facebook group? Or maybe you want to skip all that and get them to go straight to booking a call with you?

I know it is tempting to say “making sales” is your big goal. And yes, making sales through your website is the ultimate goal, but until your new traffic gets to know you a bit, let’s put this goal on the back burner… because the truth is that new viewers won’t buy from you until they know you, like you, and trust you (which I know you’ve heard a bazillion times by now, right!?).

We know that your new website traffic is typically finding you for the very first time when they land on your site… so let’s use your website to begin the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST journey. Get them into your best system you’ve got… Is that your Facebook group? Maybe your email list? Messenger bot? A free mini-course? Get really clear about this and let’s continue to make a plan.

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Step 2: Scale your lead generating system to boost your numbers

Once you know your main goal, we can focus on your lead generating system. As you know, this part is a great big numbers game!!

First, we have to find out how well your lead generator is working for you currently. After all, numbers don’t really mean anything until we put them into perspective.


Let’s first find and jot down your current conversion rate. If your main lead magnet is a landing page to a freebie, how well is it actually converting? If it is to book a call with you, how many people are landing on that page vs the number of appointments booked? First let’s get your numbers down and then we can move on.


Like I said, this part is a big, sticky numbers game. But because I like numbers… and numbers are ALWAYS reliable, the good news is that once we know our numbers and identify where they are falling short, we can begin improving!

Here are a few important things to look at:

  • What pages people are landing on first?

  • How long they are staying on these pages? (Question to ask: can we improve the content to keep them longer if they are clicking out quickly?)

  • Do we have a lead generating call to action on each page? (Question to ask: Can we add a call to action to the page if there isn’t one? OR can we improve our wording to create excitement about our call to action so they actually click it?)

  • How many people are clicking onto our landing page or sign-up button? (Question to ask: can we improve the copy for these things to increase the number of clicks??)

  • Out of those who are getting to our landing page or booking page, how many are actually signing up? (Question to ask: how can we improve the copy or layout of this page to increase the signups?)

Once you have identified these numbers above, you can begin to identify where you are falling short.

For example, let’s say you have 100 people per month landing on a specific blog post but you only have 3 people per month actually signing up for your freebie through that post. See the issue? You could have an amazing conversion rate other places through your site, but that blog post is falling short! How can we improve the copy to increase conversions from that post?

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Step 3: Grow your organic website traffic


Check out your analytics and find out where your traffic is currently coming from. You can do this in Squarespace by going to ANALYTICS > TRAFFIC SOURCES… or you can do this in Google Analytics by checking your ACQUISITION OVERVIEW. This will tell you where your current viewers are coming from.


The second step is to determine where you want to focus your time. I know you already have some amazing plans in place that are driving people to your website, but we always want to continue to grow, right? Now is a good time to really focus in on that next step for your website. If you already have a well-oiled Pinterest machine driving traffic to your site, then maybe SEO or social media is your next focus area. Look at where your numbers are lacking and think about what you love to do (or can hire out!) and put your marketing efforts into that for a while and watch your organic web traffic increase!


Once you start focusing on increasing your numbers by using whatever system you decided before (Pinterest, SEO, Instagram, Facebook, etc), then you will want to track your numbers to make sure it is working according to plan. Don’t expect to see a large increase overnight, but you should start to see a steady increase over the next few weeks and months.

At this point, you’ll want to make sure that your opt-in rate or number of booked calls goes up with your traffic increase! If you see your traffic increasing but your lead generation doesn’t, then you need to evaluate how well your lead magnet / freebie / or booking link is working in step 2.

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Want me to take the guess-work out of this for you?

Let’s schedule a website audit where I will walk through your website goals, evaluate your current set-up, and make a plan for you to move forward! This is a no-fluff, strategy session where you will walk away with real action steps.

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