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Need a new [strategic] website, but don’t want to do it yourself?

You’re in the right place.



The Template Redesign Process

You pick a template from our shop and let us customize it perfectly for your business… so you can walk away with a beautiful, done-for-you website that stops the show and books more clients.




You have been in business a short period of time and are still finding your footing (generally, less than 2-4 years in business)


You’re still tweaking and adjusting your messaging, brand, and business direction, trying to find the perfect fit for you.


You want a beautiful website, are tired of trying to do it yourself, and you’re ready to just hand it off to have it done right.


 How does it work?



You will pick a template from our shop that fits you best to use as a starting place for your site design.



We will take your images, brand graphics, colors, fonts, etc., and work them into your site so fits your business.



You’ll receive access to our copywriting guides and templates to help you write killer copy that wins you more sales.



We’ll build a website you love, that’s on brand, and that’s perfectly YOU… Using a template that saves us time and saves you money.



Your new site will be ready to launch into the world in less than 3 weeks and we will wildly celebrate a huge milestone for your business.


We’ll train you to manage and edit your own website like a pro so you really can throw the website overwhelm out the window.


Ready to get going?


Examples of a Redesign




Two payments of $1,300



+ What platform are your templates built on?

All of my templates are bulit in Squaresapce. Here's a little info about why I love Squarespace.

+ How is payment handled?

You will pay half of the total ($1,300) when booking your project in my schedule. After your website is built and ready to launch, we will have a learn + launch session where you'll be able to make your final half of the payment online.

+ What will the finished product include?

You will receive a fully funcitonal, 8-page website that looks great on a desktop and mobile device. You will also receive personalized training to show you how to manage your website like a pro.

+ How long should it take me to launch my new site?

We have a proven process for this program that will get your website launched in less than 3 weeks. Please review the entire build timeline below to see exactly what is done from start to launch.

+ Can I add an ecommerce shop or blog section to my new template site?

You sure can! This is something that can be added onto the package starting at $500. Please contact me and I'll get you a custom quote if you're looking to add an Ecommerce package to this program.

+ What needs to be ready before we start?

I will need all of your content before we can begin (copy, images, etc). I'll guide you through the steps that will need to be completed prior to the start of your design week in my welcome packet you will receive upon booking your package.

+ How many pages does this include?

This redesign program includes up to 8 customized pages. This typically includes a home, about, contact, blog, and 4 other pages as needed. More pages can totally be added for an additional fee.

+ Is brand design included in this package?

No, this package is just the website design. However, you can add a mini-brand package where we will build your logo, colors, fonts, and a few fun graphics to go in your site for you. We would need to complete this before the website template redesign package and the mini-brand typically takes 2 weeks. This will set you up perfectly for a website you love, plus you'll walk away with brand elements to help you grow your business.

+ What is the difference between this package and the custom website package?

The template redesign uses one of my Squarespace templates as a blueprint and starting place to quickly create your new website from. You receive customization time to make the template your own, but at the end of the process, the general layout will still resemble the beginning template to some extent (just view the examples above).

This is different from my custom website package because the custom package starts with a blank canvas that we turn into your dream site. This tempalte redesign package has a faster turnaround time than a custom build because we are starting with the layout of the site already put together.

Custom websites are great for businesses who have been around for 3+ years, are finding themselves booked out more often than not, and are solid on their future business direction.

+ How much does Squarespace cost?

You can check out their prices here. I typically advise that you select the Business plan as it allows you to do more with your site. It also gives us more customization options while we design. All of my website designs come with an added bonus of 20% off your first year of your Squarespace subscription when the annual package is purchased.


Ready to book your template redesign?

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