How to set up an online quiz to collect email addresses into your list

These are the exact steps you need to take to create an online quiz using the quiz generator Interact.

1. Set up an account with Interact

Click this link and head on over to the Interact website. Next, you will click “make your own quiz for free” and follow the prompts to set up a free trial with Interact.

2. Start building your quiz within Interact 

Next, you will begin building your quiz. You will be able to use Interact’s templates or make your own from scratch. I would definitely recommend using their templates if you’re creating your first quiz. Even if you don’t like the template wording 100%, you can at least get an idea of how to set up your quiz for success. the other advantage to using a template is you can see the questions that they have tested and work well. Here’s a video walking you through setting up your first quiz from a template…

Here are the steps I walk you through in this video…

- Choose a template that seems the most fitting for your business/needs.

- Customize the cover page of your quiz. You can add your own cover images, quiz title, short description & button call to action.


- Edit the questions to fit you, your style, and your business. The templates give you a really good starting place to begin creating your quiz, however, you may find that some of the questions need tweaked… or maybe you have your own questions in mind!

- Customize the results of your quiz. You can either use the template results or customize them to match you and your business more. One word of advice: pay attention to the wording that they use in the template results… they are always uplifting and encouraging. Keep this in mind when creating your own results… you don’t want to offend your quiz taker or make them NOT want to talk with you more after completing the quiz!

3. Set up your result pages on your website 

Once you’ve got your quiz built, you’ll want to create pages on your website that can provide even more value to your quiz participants. Here’s what I’ve done with my result pages…

- Create a new page for each result.

- Expand on the result and give them valuable content + more insight based on the result they were given.

- Offer a way to learn more by getting in contact with you. You can offer a pre-recorded training/video that gives them more info, you can offer to get on the phone with them for a free consultation, you can offer a paid consultation to work with them one-on-one, you can offer a paid product or service that helps them walk through the problem they are facing.

Here’s an example of how I’ve set this up for one of my quizzes.


4. Set up your result correlation vs or branch logic (scoring).

You will need to set up and choose the correct result based on the answer the user chooses on each question. You can do this by clicking “edit result correlations” or by editing the branch logic results. What’s the difference between the two??

Result correlation…

This let’s you select the result that best fits each question answer. So for example, if you have a question with 3 answer choices… and each answer would correlate best with a different quiz result, then you would use this option to ‘score’ your quiz users. When they are finished with the quiz, Interact will automatically give them the result that best fits them based on the answers they chose.

Branch logic…

Let’s say you want to give specific questions based on the answers a user is choosing… so for example, in one of my quizzes (the Squarespace template matchmaker), I ask if you want a sidebar on your website. If you select NO, then I don’t want to ask more detailed questions about the sidebar. But if you say YES, then I want to ask if you are comfortable installing a plugin to add a sidebar to your website or if you want it to come standard in your Squarespace theme. See how that works? Branch logic can really help make your quiz so much more interactive and valuable!

Once you decide upon your scoring method, you will select the answers for each question and match them with the desired result.


Basic Result Correlation


Branch Logic Scoring


5. Connect your email marketing account for lead generation 

The last step of the quiz building process is to connect your email marketing system to the quiz. Interact makes this super simple. All you have to do is set up your opt in form and then integrating the quiz results to an existing form.


- First, while on your dashboard, find your quiz and click ‘edit’. Select “set up opt-in form”.

- Next you can select your email marketing software/CRM from a large selection of integration options.

- One of my favorite things… you will be able to tie each result to a different result type! So, if you know that people who receive a certain result are not your ideal clients at all, you can choose not to collect their email addresses. OR if you know that you want to send different sequences or welcome emails to the different result types, you can set that up easily in this section.

I use ConvertKit and love it… so if you don’t use ConvertKit this next part may look a little different for you.

You will be able to select your result name, and then tie it to a form, sequence, or subscriber field.

What I personally did here…

I created 3 different short welcome sequences for each result type. This included 2-3 emails that were custom based on the result that each person received. Then, after this initial sequence was completed, I set up an automation in ConvertKit which automatically added them to a second ‘nurture sequence’. This is where they began to receive more generic information about me, my business, and my paid services.

6. Share your quiz!

Once you’ve set up your results and tied your call to action buttons to your web page, it’s time to share your quiz! Here are some ideas of where and how you can share your new quiz…

- Share the link on Facebook

- Add the link into your Instagram bio link (or even better, add it into your Linktree page - see how I created my own Linktree alternative page here!)

- Promote the quiz in your group, Facebook page, or community

- Share your quiz in a blog post. Share about the biggest problem your target audience is facing (this is the problem the quiz helps answer!). Share some valuable content in the post. And then offer the quiz as a way to get more customized help!

- Share your quiz on Pinterest

- Share your quiz on your podcast/Facebook Live

- Ask your influencer friends to take your quiz and share it with their people (especially if you have similar target markets)

- Run a Facebook ad to your quiz

- Post your quiz link as a call to action on your website (in the banner section, just below the banner section, in the footer, on blog posts/sidebars, etc!)

There are so many places you can begin promoting your quiz, but remember, the next important step is to review your analytics and tweak your quiz to continue to drive you conversions up. You most likely won’t get a killer quiz right from the start… but over time quizzes can be a really great lead generator!