From stalled to selling: Day 3



And If you're SO ready to...

  • have that booked out schedule so you know your business is really working...
  • make that legacy-changing income so you can finally prove to yourself and your family that this whole thing is not just a big waste of time and money...
  • love your life instead of spinning your wheels so you can run your schedule rather than have it run you...

If you are ready for the support to do this in your business, check out my 10-week group program NEXT LEVEL YOU.  

And as a special discount for participating in this 3-day challenge, you will get $250 off your enrollment fee (any payment plan!) if you claim your spot before Monday, February 5th at 8:00pm CST.

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Giveaway Details:

What you will win... 

- 3-month Audible membership
- A 90-minute website  review and design session with me!


How do you enter the giveaway?

You just have to engage each day of the 3-day challenge to enter! Share your takeaways, thoughts, questions, and/or next steps in a new post on the wall of the Impactful Lady Boss group each day! Everyone who engages every day will be entered to win the prize and one winner will be drawn on Friday, February 2nd!

Want an extra entry into the giveaway?

Just add any female friends who might be interested in this challenge to the Impactful Lady Boss group and tag them in the video replay (link above) OR tag them in a new post introducing them to the group and letting them know about the challenge. For each person you add and tag, you will receive an extra entry!


What if I missed a day live... can I still catch up and be entered into the giveaway? 

Yes! No problem! Just go back and get caught up.
You can still be entered into the giveaway if you engage with each day's content (even if your posts are a day late), share your takeaways and next steps with the group each day.