Christian Business and Branding Coach

We are [moms, wives, passion-filled-doers, business owners] chasing big dreams... 


Because stressed, overwhelmed, and running on empty is NOT your place to live.

 You can be a [good] mom AND a [good] business owner at the same time. 

You can still have a wildly passionate marriage + thriving side-hustle.

You can pursue a strong faith AND be a powerful business owner at the same time.



[Because you should run your business... not the other way around.]

Because we can't do it all alone.


What is the Deeply Rooted movement?

Deeply Rooted is a monthly program for big dreamers + passionate doers + excellence-seeking business owners who are ready to find peace and freedom in the online business building hustle - once and for all. But here's the thing, ultimate peace and freedom can't be found in more strategy or "how to" courses. It can't be found in more hustle and frantic doing.

Peace and freedom starts on the inside... Let's discover true peace and freedom together.

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Hi there, busy mama!
I'm Sandra and I've been where you are.

Stressed out. Overwhelmed. Frantically doing more because you feel like you always HAVE to do #AllTheThings. To be a better mom. To be a better wife. To build a successful business.

But you're caught in the push and pull. 

I know that ache... that gut-wrenching feeling that sacrificing your faith + family in the process of building your business can't be the only way. I emotionally and mentally beat myself up again and again because I had forgotten to make dinner, I missed my toddlers bed-time routine for the 500th time, I neglected spending alone time with my husband... because it seemed like I was working my business EVERY free moment I could find. But instead of running my business... I found it running me. 

I was feeling less than perfect. Feeling less than balanced. Feeling a bit... crazy. 

Because I knew my family needed me too. I knew my quiet time + relationship with the Lord had to take center stage. But both of these things were constantly getting put on the back-burner. 

So how did I find balance in it all?

Well friend, I can now confidently let you in on a secret I've learned after a couple years of building two online businesses + growing a family + investing THOUSANDS of dollars into training, support, courses, coaches, and all the other things (frantically looking for the "solution" to this "problem")... 

And here it is... are you ready?
Balance is unattainable.
At least not in the way we imagine it. 

We have to first put away all preconceived notions of what balance is and redefine it. 

Balance is not necessarily equally distributing time between all the areas of life. But instead, balance comes down to feeling balanced between all the areas (see the difference?). If we are feeling tension in one area, it will make all the other areas - and life in general - feel unbalanced. Together, we will work at defining what balance looks like for you in all three of these areas of your life [faith + family + business] and we will work to create boundaries, routines, and systems to help you reprioritize your time... so you can begin intentionally living this one life with purpose, excellence, and joy. 


This place of intentional living + "balance" is also where your best business will come from... 



What exactly does my monthly subscription to this movement include?


If you're feeling alone and burnt out in pursuing balance between business building, faith, and family life, you'll love being a part of this online community of like-minded ladies who are also pursuing excellence, peace, and freedom in their own lives.


You will be able to participate and engage in live, group coaching sessions with me (an online business and empowerment coach) to help you define, implement, and begin living your best (most balanced) life now.

Guest Experts:

Learn from other business experts in different industries who have been walking this journey for quite a while. We will find out what balance looks like for them + how they make it all work together in their busy lives and businesses.

Practical Trainings:

This movement is all about growing your Faith + Family + Business (in that order). You will receive trainings on specific, focused topics that will allow you to dive into each area and discover what balance between these three areas really looks like.


The Deeply Rooted Movement Community will be opening Fall of 2018...

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Other frequently asked questions:

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How much will this movement cost?

This movement will be a monthly support community full of practical trainings, accountability, and business coaching to help you reach your next level in life and business. The cost for this monthly program will be less than $50/month. Join the wait list to be the first to receive more program information as soon as it is available.

When will this movement begin?

This movement (monthly subscription) will begin in the fall of 2018.

What if I don't currently run a business but want to in the future?

This is a great space for you! This movement will give you a solid foundation + head start on finding balance amidst the chaos as you dream, plan, and begin building the business of your dreams.

I run a product based or brick and mortar business, will this movement still work for me?

Yes! This movement is all about building a strong foundation... focusing on mindset, redefining balance and success, and finding peace in the chaos. The things you will gain from this program will be applicable to any business.

Do I have to be a Christian to join this movement?

You do not need to be a Christian to participate in this movement. But I will be honest with you about what to expect... The foundation of this movement will be based upon having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and putting our trust in Him. We will be discussing Biblical scripture from a Chrsitain viewpoint as well as discussing God's goodness and desires for our business + family + marriage + lives.

I have been running a business for quite some time now, will this movement still be applicable to my stage of business?

Yes! We would love for you to be a part of this community. There will be practical business building, branding, and design strategy along with mindset work. I believe that anyone at any stage of business can benefit from visiting (or revisiting) the boundaries that they set for their faith + family + business.

And I know from experience, even the most experienced business owners still need a strong community of like-minded women to pour into them, encourage them, and support them. Business building can be lonely! We would love to be a mastermind community for you.

Will there be practical business building + strategy trainings to help me grow my business?

Yes! I (Sandra) am a graphic designer, branding expert, and business coach. I will be bringing my knowledge, my expertise, and some practical trainings that will benefit anyone at any stage of business.

Where will this movement + the trainings take place?

This movement will take place in a private Facebook group. There may also be occasional trainings in my private Zoom room if necessary or more convenient.

Will I have any one-on-one access to Sandra in this program?

In order to keep the cost as low as possible, there will not be one-on-one access to me. However, I will be pouring in the Facebook community (most days of the week) to answer questions, give support, and provide live group coaching sessions + trainings to all the participants.

What can I expect to gain each month?

You can expect to end each month with a better sense of balance. My desire is for your business to no longer consume your life... but instead, for you to run a profitable, balanced business with intention, and full of joy... all while spending TONS of quality time with your family and in building your faith.

However, I can not guarantee any results from this program as the outcome is 100% based on the effort, work, and time you put into this program. Because of this, if you want to see maximum results, I encourage that you pour into the live coaching sessions, trainings, and community as much as possible.

What makes Sandra qualified to lead this program?

Hi there! I'm Sandra and I am a normal person just like you, striving to find balance between faith, family, and business building.

I have been in the online business building world since 2012 and have experienced many different stages of business throughout that time (failure, overwhelm, burnout, success, celebration, etc... it really is a roller coaster ride!) I have launched multiple online businesses and my most recent has been in network marketing (I NEVER in a million years thought that would happen!)... I don't claim to have all the answers, but I have learned a thing or two that I would love to share with you.

I also believe the best thing I can do as a friend and coach is to point you to the Lord and help you identify where HE is leading you. My desire for you is to grow in your relationship with Him, develop more discipline around having a consistent quiet time, daily routines, and boundaries between running a business and growing a busy family.

I strongly believe that a consistent and growing faith, a thriving family life + marriage, AND a thriving business is for you... Let's fight (yes fight, this is a battle) to get there together with a community of others all running after the same goal!


Just imagine...

  • Waking up in 21 days with a deep, unshakable sense of joy about the day ahead. 
  • Knowing that your business is working for you while you pour intentional time into growing your relationship with the Lord + your family. 
  • Having a business that truly lights you up, really fulfills your deepest passions, and gives you that sense of being "on mission" for the kingdom work and passion projects you know God has placed in your heart.
  • Developing friendships with other likeminded, online business owners that you can take with you for support, encouragement, and accountability even after this program has ended.

These things are 100% possible for you... but here's the truth... if you are wanting something different in life, you must decide to take different actions that will get you there! If you know this movement is for you, don't wait. Don't let "what if's" hold you back. Don't let fear stand in your way from gaining community, support, and the balance you need to begin living your best life THIS MONTH. 

And let's be honest, you can get all of this for less than a few Starbucks runs, a month of cable TV, or a few trips through the drive through... 


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