Are you tired of spinning your wheels?

I was so tired of trying to fit into all the molds. Thinking I had to talk a certain way. Act a certain way. Post on Facebook a certain way. Blog a certain way. Obsessing over my words over and over, wondering if anyone would get it... if anyone would be offended... if I was saying it all wrong... If I was doing it ALL WRONG...


Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start digging deep into what makes YOU unique. Because in this space, that's all that matters.

Everything you need to be beautiful, successful, trusted, respected, valued, honored, and happy are already in your life. You don't need anything else, so STOP searching. It may seem like you're missing some "key ingredient", but that's only because you're focusing on the wrong things!

You have a world changing LadyBoss inside of you that is just waiting to be unleashed. The world is waiting to see the real you... and once they do, they will LOVE you. Focusing on what everyone else is doing in their business is the best way to run yourself into the ground. And no one has time for that.

So how do you show your genuine self? How do you know what tasks to do and when to do them? How do you work smarter not harder - allowing yourself the freedom to actually take a day off??? This is where I come in. Let me help you start living a lit up life full of peace and freedom!


Sandra Houseman female entrepreneur Business Strategist

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Female Entrepreneur Business Strategy Sandra Houseman


It's time to ditch the overwhelm and get your dream business off the ground!
Are you tired of waiting for your business to take off? Do you have NO CLUE where your next (or maybe even your first) client is coming from? I know starting a business and getting it going is a lot to handle... especially when you're juggling #allthethings. That's why I have created this self study course that will walk you through starting, growing, and scaling your business from the ground up.

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Fall 2017

No more side hustle! You dream of starting and growing your business and it's time to start running it like the CEO that you are! This intensive biz growth program will help you build and launch your business from the ground up. From branding and website building to email lists and automation, this is for budding entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business from hobby-status to thriving -- 100% on their own terms! If you're ready for some serious support, intentional strategy, and completely personalized brand mentoring, this is for you.

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Hold on to your hats ladies because some BIG changes are coming your way! This program has been created for those who are ready to throw mediocre to the curb, grab hold of this life with everything they've got, and create a business that works FOR them. Can you remember the last time you laughed until you almost peed??? Let's get you back to living that life. This program combines a whole lot of private support with strategy, streamlining, automating, and custom brand design to help you get back to what you love most - living a freedom filled life!

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Female Entrepreneur Business Strategist
Revitalize Branding - Kristen

"First of all, my sales have doubled since working with Sandra and my number of hours worked per week have not! Her logo and design work was a complete game changer for my business!...

I was worried about the financial investment but have made that back and then some. I also worried about getting a product I didn't love but Sandra eased those fears very quickly! She worked with me and tweaked my logo until it was absolute perfection! Sandra was always super quick to respond via text, email or phone and her customer service was AMAZING!"

- Kristen Long-Buck, 3 Little Readers



Revitalize Branding - Kate

I loved working with Sandra! I loved how I was able to give her just a little direction and she ran with it. We were able to grab phone calls to make changes and the whole process was so easy! …

Sandra is the total package and she has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of creative female entrepreneurs! I highly recommend working with her!

Kate Brockmeyer, Business Catalyst
Nexus & Be Badass and Brilliant