Nicole Tewierik:
Business coach

Nicole's Story:

I came to Sandra a bit overwhelmed with how to position myself as a professional business coach in the online space. I had so many wonderful ideas about who I wanted to help and how I wanted to show up, but I knew that getting that nailed down visually was something I needed help with. I decided to invest in Sandra's intensive BOOST program which began me on a journey of being able to confidently step into my business in a new light. 

Sandra sent me a brand building workbook which helped me walk through the branding foundational elements and really asked a lot of great questions. Because of that workbook, we were able to hop on our first 2-hour call ready to go. We used that 2-hour session to dive into my brand foundation (how I was communicating my business to my dream clients and how I wanted to be perceived in the online space), pick colors, fonts, and ultimately design my main logo and two alternate logos as well.  I was blown away by how much Sandra was able to get done in that first 2-hour call!!!

On our second 40-minute follow-up call we were able to dive into some of the details of my website that were stressing me out and create an online presence that I loved. 


Since that first program:

Since working with Sandra in that Boost program I have also decided to invest in Sandra's group program Next Level You. Investing in this group program was a a bit of a no brainer for me. Sandra and I connected really well and I was looking for a coach to help me in my business... and one of the things that really attracted me to Sandra was her courage in stepping out and sharing her faith in her business as well. 

As an entrepreneur in the online space you are constantly putting a confident and strong face to the public, but you also have to have a place to be vulnerable with other ladies and this group program is exactly what I need to be able to have that kind of support in my business. I can't wait to dive into all of the tech support and online system tutorials that this program has to offer as well as learning how to confidently step into my business in bold, brave ways to make more impact and income in my business. 


What would I tell someone who is thinking about working with Sandra?

Working with Sandra is SO much fun and she is an absolute branding gun! Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence about investing, just dive in! You will not regret working with her!

- Nicole Tewierik, Business Coach