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You are busy.

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

You don't have the time to DIY your website over and over, feeling like you want to SCREAM and pull your hair out with ALL. THE. DETAILS... and at the end of the day, it still doesn't look as good as theirs.

You don't have the energy to piece together your own logo just to be constantly disappointed every time you look at it.

And you certainly don't have the money to hire a series of "ok" designers who will piece it all together here and there and leave you wishing you could have just done it right the first time. Knowing that you will want to re-do it later.

Because when it comes to your brand... it ALL matters.

It should be cohesive. It should be in line with the foundation of your business. It should be strategic. And it should capture the attention of the right people - the first time.

Because you only get one first impression.

But when you don't LOOK the part, it can leave your potential buyers flocking to your competition.

And we all know that's not going to work for you or your business.

Just like showing up to a party WAY underdressed.
Or going into public with crazy bed-head.
Or not knowing you have food stuck between your teeth.

(yep, we all know the feeling)


Because looks really DO matter.


This Mini Brand program is about giving you all the things you need and leaving the rest...

Because as an entrepreneur - building your business on your own - your money matters. 

What you REALLY need right now (the essentials to shining online) is a basic brand foundation, a strategic color palette, a professionally designed logo, a website that converts, and you need to know how to use it all the RIGHT way.


(And you shouldn't have to piece it all together yourself or hire designers you're not crazy about.)

Sandra Houseman - Female Entrepreneur Brand Desginer

Don't worry, you can keep your arm AND leg.

This package is perfect for the entrepreneur who is ready to ditch "hobby status" and REALLY get their brand started on the right foot, without costing an arm and a leg (Yeah, it's ok, you can laugh).

But seriously. 

I know what it feels like... almost like you're constantly selling pieces of yourself to make it all work... investing in the things you "need". But then again, what do you really need? As a new entrepreneur it's hard to know. 

Email marketing...
Business coaching...
Scheduling software...
Social media strategy...
A virtual assistant...
Online scheduling software???

EK! It can make your head spin. 

Let me help you out. 

Before you dive into a branding package that costs more than your first car (or maybe even firstborn child)... 

Start out small. 

Get your business off the ground with the right person - someone who really knows branding and business. Get your branding essentials set up and working for you. Develop a strong foundation. And most importantly, start making some serious money NOW. 

And THEN buy the Cadillac of branding packages that will take your business (and success) to a whole new level. But first you have to start where you are... at square one.

With this program, you will be set up with the strong foundation you need to stand out online, really look the part (no more always envying your competition), and you will have the branding framework already in place to continue to scale your brand and business moving forward... 

No more re-dos. 


Let me take the weight of branding your business off your shoulders.



What others are saying...

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

"My sales have doubled since working with Sandra and my number of hours worked per week have not! Her support was a complete game changer for my business!...

I was worried about the financial investment but have made that back and then some. I also worried about not loving the outcome, but Sandra eased those fears very quickly! She worked with me on my brand until everything was absolute perfection! 

- Kristen Long-Buck, 3 Little Readers

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

Sandra has been there supporting me from the side-lines the whole time. And once I realized I NEEDED more help, I signed up to work with her immediately. Now it’s like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

- Rae-Anna Johnson, Certified Health Professional

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

“Sandra has an amazing ability to listen and make you feel comfortable as you lay out your vision for your business!...

She creatively took my vision and helped me come up with a brand that was clean, BEAUTIFUL, and perfectly aligned with my needs. The best part? Her support made me SO CONFIDENT to walk in the direction of my dreams!”

- Whitney Putnam, Author, Speaker
and Founder of Imperfectly Brave

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

"Sandra helped me get realigned with the Vision God placed in my heart, His view of me, and to get comfortable sharing my message with confidence...

Since working with Sandra, there has been an increase in interest in my work both on and off-line and I know as long as I continue to show up "on brand", increase will only be inevitable. Now, the people I serve through my business are finding me!"

- Jenny-Lyn Allen, Marriage Success Coach

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

"Working with Sandra has been transformational for my business. 

I found her approach unique because she will support you in creating a beautiful brand, AND she knows her stuff when it comes to business strategy. I'm most excited about launching my new website because she helped me capture my brand perfectly! If you want to take your business to the next level, you definitely want to work with Sandra!"

- Melissa Mather, Success Coach

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

"Ladies! Sandra is an absolute branding gun! Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence about investing with her, just dive in! You will not regret working with her one bit!"

- Nicole Tewierik, Business Coach


The mini-brand includes...

My Brand Building Workbook.
One 45-minute strategy session.
Pinterest Collaboration.
Color palette.
Logo design.
Your own fully responsive 5-page website.
45-minute website training session.
Access to my full database of website training tutorials.
(So you can update, edit, and maintain your own site!)

Ditch the DIY branding headache and stop spinning your wheels.

It's time to confidently step into the online space knowing you really look the part.
(It'll be just like walking into the party with all eyes on you - knowing you look 100% FAB - isn't that a great feeling?)


All of this will be done for you for just $1,499

(or two payments of $900)

Sounds pretty great, huh?

Let's break it down...


Brand Building Workbook

You will receive my Brand Building Workbook to work through prior to our 45-minute strategy session. This will act as a launching point to developing your brand identity. It's time to finally start working with your dream clients.

Sandra Houseman Female Brand Designer

Pinterest Collaboration

I want to know what you love and what you don't love... what resonates with you and what doesn't! So we will work together on a Pinterest board where you will share some of your favorite things with me. This will allow me to understand a bit more of what you are looking for before we begin the design process.

Sandra Houseman Female Brand Designer

45 Minute Strategy Session

It's time to finally talk with a business coach and branding expert (and savvy, experienced graphic designer) who can give you some real answers. We will discuss your business, your dreams and goals, and exactly how your new brand will help you get there.

Sandra Houseman Female Brand Designer

Moodboard Design

Sandra Houseman Female Brand Design

I will take the information gathered from your Brand Building Workbook and our 45-minute strategy session, and create a moodboard that shows you the "vibe" of your future brand. This will also serve as the foundation to your perfect color palette selection. 

Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

Color palette selection

Your brand colors will be selected strategically based on what you love and what will resonate with your dream clients. You will also receive everything you need (plus the training) to take these exact colors and use them throughout ALL of your business.

Sandra Houseman Female Entrepreneur Brand Design

Custom Logo Design

Female Entrepreneur Brand Designer

You will receive a custom, eye-catching logo that you love and your dream clients will remember. I will provide you with a logo draft that you will be able to critique and make adjustments to. After a round of revisions, you will receive your final logo that is ready to go and use across all of your online and print platforms. 

Female Entrepreneur Brand Designer

Fully Responsive Website

Female Entrepreneur Website Designer

You will receive a beautiful Squarespace desktop and mobile website that is fully responsive and ready to wow those dream clients. You will receive 5 fully designed and SEO targeted pages - Home, About, Work With Me/Packages, Contact, and a Blog section.

Female Entrepreneur Website Designer

45-Minute Website Training

We will finish up this program with a 45-minute website training that will teach you how to edit and maintain your own website moving forward. We will screen-share your website and walk through any questions you have. 

Female Entrepreneur Website Designer

Full access to my database of website maintenance tutorials

You will also receive access to my full database of website maintenance tutorials that will walk you through updating, editing, and maintaining your Squarespace website moving forward. 

Female Entrepreneur Website Designer

Ready to get started?



Sounds like a lot of goods for such a low price... huh?
That's because it is!


I really want to help those who are ready to get their God-given calling - their passion projects - out into the world in BIG ways... and that starts with a beautiful and STRATEGIC brand and online presence. One that actually works FOR you. And I'm all about helping you reclaim a bit of peace back into your life and business...

It'll be just like walking into the party with all eyes on you - knowing you look 100% FAB - isn't that a great feeling?

So grab your favorite coffee, sit back a bit, take your kiddos on that much needed mommy-date, and let me help you stand out online so you can attract those dream clients and customers who need what you have to offer.



Because the world NEEDS what you have to offer.



Female Entrepreneur Brand Design