Squarespace Expert and Designer

ONLINE service-based business owners:

Are you ready for a website that brings you actual paying clients 24/7?

So you can STOP relying on the social media hustle for every lead…



You deserve to have a successful business that gives you the freedom to spend tons of time on the things you love…

you shouldn't have to choose one or the other.


Just imagine…

>> Waking up to a new appointment booked in your calendar with someone interested in hiring you (instead of having to chase down that next lead)…

>> Checking your email list to see that it grew overnight while you slept a full 8 hours…

>> Getting an email notification that someone new enrolled in your course or membership (without you having to ‘sell’ them on it)…

>> Finally looking top notch so you can charge - and actually get paid - premium prices (instead of always wondering if every “sorry, my husband said no” is really a soft way of saying “I went with your competition instead”)…


When you started your business you were so passionate about making real change in the world. You were sure that you’d be fully booked with happy clients and making significant income in a few short months…

>> So you put your entire savings into some premium coaching…
>> You went out on a limb for some feel-good investments that ended up leaving you with zero tangible results…
>> And you convinced your husband for the second ... third ... FOURTH TIME that the next investment would be different...

And yet you have nothing but massive debt and some serious doubt about the future of your business to show for it. After all that, you're still here... hustling your butt off for every single lead.


But it’s not your fault!


The popular way (and the way you’ve been taught) is to grow your online service-based business by constantly being ‘plugged in’ to your business…

>> Doing the Facebook group hustle…
>> Going live multiple times a week…
>> Posting every. single. day…
>> Direct messaging all the people who look like they could be dreamy clients…

Just hoping and praying that you will miraculously meet the right people who will eventually want to buy from you…


But what happens when you need to take a break from the online hustle?

To go on vacation with the family…
To step out of ‘the office’ for a long weekend…
or heck, just take a few days off with the kids…


The networking. The new leads. The filled pipeline. The potential sales.

Your business growth - AND SALES - go on vacation while you do.


You may have already started a website to help you sell your stuff, created a course or membership for passive income, or started an email list to automate some of your sales process…

>> But no one is filling out your contact form even thought it’s been months since you launched your site…

>> Your list isn’t growing unless you share the signup link directly with someone who’s already interested…

>> No one is booking calls with you without a private message conversation first…

>> Your course isn’t selling unless you do some kind of extensive live launch which feels like selling your soul for an entire week…

>> Your family is starting to feel like the third wheel while your laptop and phone become more like an appendage of your body…

>> And it’s all so frustrating because you’re such an expert in your industry that people should be flocking to you, but you keep getting passed up for your competition again and again.

You’re starting to wonder if it’s possible for you and you hate to admit it… but you honestly have no clue how to make any of this actually work.


 Believe me

As a website designer, brand strategist and online entrepreneur, I completely understand your pain. I’ve felt that hopelessness that comes with wondering if you can keep shelling out money, month after month… hustling day and night… and seeing very little (if any) return.

Every day feels like 2 steps forward one step back.

But did you know there’s actually a way you can automate your sales process to make more sales…

>> without having to hustle day and night to book consultations and discovery calls…

>> without spending all day on social media ‘connecting’ with strangers in private messages…

>> without feeling sleazy trying to bring up your services to people who aren’t already asking for it…

>> without having to choose between actually vacationing while on your family vacation and working from your laptop in the beach house while everyone else has a blast in the waves…

>> and without being in constant launch mode to sell your stuff or grow your list so you can finally have an audience who’s eager to buy from you and an income that allows you to finally take the family to Disney World without having to put it all on a credit card (that just ends up following you home in the form of financial anxiety later - AM-I-RIGHT??)…




The 4-step framework for online service-based business owners
who are ready to build authentic trust with their audience, fill their pipeline with leads on automate, and gain new clients without having to hustle on social media 24/7.


Full of research based website strategy, proven techniques, and a collection of resources to help you build authentic trust online

the Savvy Website Society will bring freedom into your business and get you making passive sales on automate.


You’ll learn to:

  • Build authentic trust with your online audience so they will be eager to connect, book a call, and buy from you…

  • Grow your list while you sleep (without paid ads!) so you can finally start putting your offers in front of more people who are warmed up and interested in what you are selling…

  • Get your dream clients attention so they are contacting YOU so you can book consultations and discovery calls without having to constantly be ‘plugged in’ to private messages…

  • Attract new, qualified leads who are already searching for your service so you can stop feeling sleazy trying to sell to people who aren’t the perfect fit in the first place…


***Unlike other web design courses or programs that give you just a ‘pretty site’ with zero strategy to actually make you more money…

or programs show you how to design a website without showing you how to actually use it to grow your pipeline with qualified leads

The Savvy Website Society will give you the exact research-based strategies you need to build an attractive website that makes you money while you grow trust and credibility with the right audience - those who are eager and excited to buy.


What’s included in the savvy website society?


One-on-one support with me working with you in your website each month

Each month you will receive individualized support from me in a hands on capacity in YOUR website. You will be able to book a 1:1 call with me where I can help you walk through your site with you… you can use multiple 15-minute screen share flash sessions with me each month… as well as unlimited email support where I can answer your questions as they arise..


Receive Unlimited Access To My Squarespace Template Library

If you’re looking to DIY your site, this is exactly what you need. With your membership in the Savvy Website Society, you’ll receive unlimited access to my growing library of Squarespace templates. These templates will walk you through creating your own DIY website - from dreaming to launching - in under 7 days. Pick the template you love and walk through the step-by-step video tutorials at your own pace… or access all the templates, pick and choose your favorite elements from each one, and create a completely unique and customized website like no other! (And remember, you'll have me in your back pocket to walk through the whole process with you!)


Receive Unlimited Access To My Growing Resource Library

My resource library has helpful tutorials, guides, and checklists that will help you improve your website at any stage. This includes resources in SEO, conversion strategy, goal setting, and more.


What Kristin had to say about the resources available in the Savvy Website Society


So, what does it cost?


30-minute 1:1 screen share session each month ($97 value)

Unlimited access to my Squarespace templates shop ($497 value)

Unlimited access to my website building resource library ($347+ value)

Unlimited email access with me each month ($497 value)

Unlimited 15-minute flash (screen share) sessions with me whenever needed (Sessions are first come, first serve based on schedule availability and are valued at $47 per session)


But when you join the Savvy Website Society, you will get all of this, every month for only $197 per month.

Right now, grab your spot and lock in your low monthly rate of only $97 per month.


 What you won’t get:

A one-size-fits-all approach where everyone goes through the same steps. This is me stepping into your website with you on a regular basis to help you develop a unique strategy for your business. Because every business and website should be unique.

A one-sided focus. We won’t just focus on creating a pretty site because at the end of the day, a pretty site won’t do much for your business. We will focus on creating a ‘wholistic’ website and sales experience. This means looking into your website goals, user experience, copy that converts, intentional call to actions, traffic driving sources… with the ultimate goal of getting you more sales.

A system that encourages you to hustle to the point of burnout. This program is all about relieving stress - not adding it. This isn’t about adding more to your plate, but about creating automated and hustle-less strategy that gets you making more money without a crazy amount of effort.


This is perfect for you if…

  • You are a service-based business owner growing an online business.

  • You are wanting to DIY your website without the overwhelm of actually figuring it all out yourself.

  • You want to utilize the power of Google and other search engines to get more eyes on your offers.

  • The idea of metrics and analytics makes your head spin, but you know how important they are for your business and want to use them wisely.

  • You need a website that actually gets people on your list, on the phone, and buying your stuff, and are ready to finally make it happen.


Hi, I’m Sandra…

website designer + branding expert for service-based, women entrepreneurs.

I’ve spent 10+ years creating strategic brands + websites in both the corporate and online entrepreneur worlds.

I’ve helped women take cluttered and strategy-less websites and turn them into strategic, money-making machines that sell products and programs on autopilot. I’ve worked with ladies to create a brand “experience” that has buyers lining up to work with them.

My mission is to help you reclaim more of your dream life so you can ditch the burnout, overwhelm, and online hustle that pulls you more and more from the things most precious to you.

Your family shouldn’t have to take the back seat in your life.

It’s time to create a business plan that brings your next client to YOU so you can stop hustling your life away.


What Dominique had to say about working with me in the Savvy Website Society


 Ready to get going?

The Savvy Website Community is open for enrollment.


So who is this not for?

This is not the best fit for you if…

  • You want a done-for-you website (check out my fully done-for-you website programs if this is you).

  • You want a quick and easy fix to more income (spoiler alert, this doesn’t exist!).

  • You aren’t ready to give up the online hustle.

  • A more automated, lead-generating system doesn’t sound appealing to you.


On the fence?

I get it 100%… because I’ve felt sold into programs that didn’t work before.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching programs that left me in massive amounts of debt and still not making money in my business. And as a result, I’ve become a bit of a sceptic. But this program isn’t like that.

I’m ready to flip the lid on those high-priced programs that force you to pull out your credit card and practically sell your first born. Because you shouldn’t have to leverage your family to build your business. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re choosing between next months groceries and the support you need to start making massive impact doing the thing you love.

So no, there's no contract.

This is a come as you are… get the support YOU need… and a leave when you’re done kind of program.
No strings attached.




I don’t have a website yet, is this program a good fit for me?

YES! If you’re ready to create your own website and don’t want to spend hours working yourself in circles, then this is for you. My Squarespace templates + one-on-one support will have you up and running an attractive, highly-effective website as quickly as you would like to make it happen.

I have a Wordpress website, will this still work for me?

My resources and templates are specifically created for Squarespace users, therefore this program is best suited for someone either already running a Squarespace website, someone who is wanting to build a Squarespace website, or someone who is interested in switching to Squarespace.

I already have a custom Squarespace website that I love. Should I consider this program?

This program is specifically for anyone wanting to use their website to build trust, grows their leads on autopilot, and converts more sales. If you feel like your website is not getting organic traffic… if your website is not converting traffic onto your email list, your group, or inquiries to work with you… then this program is for you.

If you already have a website that is doing these things well, then this program may not be for you. If this is you, reach out to me about a website optimization retainer packages and we can chat about taking your website performance to a whole new level!

How long should I expect to have to pay for this in order to see results?

Lasting website strategy takes time… You simply won’t see overnight spikes in your metrics, because increasing traffic takes time. Improving your SEO takes time. Tracking your conversions, website flow, and making necessary tweaks takes time. But remember, this program is built to work for YOU. So, the amount of time you’re enrolled in this program is completely up to you. But I do recommend that you give it a try for at least 3-5 months in order to really begin seeing lasting results.

I just want a Squarespace template. Is this my only option?

Yes! I used to sell my templates separately, but honestly, I wanted to give way more support to everyone who purchased one of my templates. I wanted to be able to walk them through the process of building their website and help them launch it. Now, this program does that.

Get in on this monthly membership for as long as it takes you to launch your site, and if you want to cancel your membership once your site is launched, you can do that!

But, I’m guessing you’re going to be hooked once you see how SEO, researched-based analytics, and strategic user experience can automate your business… and you’re going to want to get in on some of that action as well.


I don’t have a service-based business. Can I join?

I primarily work with service-based businesses… this means that my expertise is in the service-based business arena. However, if you feel like this program could be a good fit for you, then just reach out and let’s chat about it.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes! There is zero commitment with this, so you can cancel your membership at any point.

If you would like to cancel, please let us know at least 7 business days before your next scheduled payment date so we can get you canceled before your next payment is processed. Just email us at support@sandrahouseman.com and we will get you taken care of.

Do you give refunds?

Since this program is low-cost, low-commitment, and you can cancel at any time, I don’t offer refunds. If you get in and decide that this isn’t for you, just let me know and we can get you canceled before your next payment processes.

My door is always open to my clients, so if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please just reach out and I’ll do everything within my power to make it right.

Will I really get one-on-one access to you?

Yes! Each of my members is able to book 15 minute flash calls with me ANYTIME. My door is always open and you are able to direct message me on Slack 24/7 (although I may not answer at 3am LOL).

My goal is to walk with you through the entire process so you can see real results and massive impact through this program.

What do you mean by “lock in your low monthly rate” above?

The monthly rate that you join at will be your rate forever (even after the price goes up later). You can cancel at any time, but if you decide to come back later, you will lose your discount and are subject to the current rate when you decide to enroll again.

How will I get access to all of the monthly resources?

I have an online resource library for all things Savvy Website Society. You will receive instant access to this library when you enroll. You will also receive an email with access to all of this shortly after enrolling. If you don’t receive this email for any reason, please email us at support@sandrahouseman.com and we’ll get it to you asap.


 Are you ready to change the way you do business once and for all?

Your future self will thank you.

Remember, this is for service-based women who are ready to finally create a business that doesn’t feel like selling a part of their soul. They are ready to become a present mom, wife, and friend. They are ready to ditch the online hustle to finally get strategic and create a website that works for them. If this is you, join today!


Still unsure? Just contact me and let’s chat about if this is the perfect fit for you.