How to DIY your beginners logo:

When you're just starting your business, it can get REALLY expensive! Not only that... but all the options about what you could (or should) be spending your money on can make your head spin!

Do you hire a business coach? Do you need a website designer? Should you invest in SEO strategy? What about childcare? Accounting? Email marketing??? AAHHHH... I feel your pain!

Well, I'm here to give you a hand. You need to get out there and actually start MAKING IMPACT and MONEY as soon as possible. You don't have to have the Instagram perfect business, the perfect sales funnel, and the best converting Facebook ads in place in order to get started!

You just need to have a service and skill set that people need, a willing attitude, and a confident mindset!

Today I'm going to show you step-by-step, how you can create your own logo using

I'm going to show you how to create your own logo that looks awesome, stands out, and doesn't hinder your brand in the future. Sound good? Just click on the video to catch the training!

Watch now for a guided tutorial showing you how to create your own logo for your business for free!

Next, Grab your FREE font and color guide here.

So, when is the right time to invest in extra business support?

Well, here's what I want you to know... you can build an awesome business on your own right now! You don't NEED anyone else to make you special. But here's the thing... oftentimes we just don't know how to do it all on our own. We aren't an expert at everything and business building is TOUGH STUFF.

If you are struggling to find motivation, don't know the next steps, and are ready to kick things into high gear - FAST - then NOW is a great time to invest in the support you need. I don't want you to wake up 3 months from now in the exact same spot you're in right now... not when I know amazing things are possible for you!!

I have programs ranging from low-cost self-studies (launching Fall of 2017) all the way to "done-for-you" full brand programs with 6 months of business growth support! Check out my programs and see if one is a good fit for you!

And if you're new in business and just need some one-on-one support to get you going (on the RIGHT foot)... then check out my 3-month business growth program. We will work on building you the perfect brand and get your business started on the right foot.


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