How it works

We do this template thing a little different than you’ll find anywhere else…


You will pick the perfect template for your business and checkout through out secure online store.


There is a 24-36 hour processing period where our little template bots (aka. awesome team members) pre-load your new site with the styles needed to rock it.


You will receive a link to access your new pre-loaded site, as well as video tutorials that help you build out your Squarespace template content like a pro.


You will subscribe to Squarespace and launch your new site - faster and easier than ever!


Want to see what this looks like behind the scenes?

Here’s a sneak peek into exactly what you’ll be getting with your Squarespace template purchase…

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why do you recommend Squarespace?

Squarespace is easy to use, it comes with all of the typical 'plugins' already pre-loaded, and you won't need know any code to create a stunning website. My clients love how user friendly the interface is and my clients who have switched to Squarespace from Wordpress have loved it. If you have questions about if it is the right platform for you, please email us at

+ Why do I need to build it myself?

Squarespace doesn't allow you to simply install an already completed website, so, our templates will need to be pieced together by you. You will receive a new site that is pre-loaded withthe template styles in place (colors, fonts, etc) plus all the pieces to make building your own site a breeze. It's super simple as we have created tutorial videos to show you how to build your entire site (swapping in your own images, copy, colors, and brand content) step by step.

+ What is included in my template purchase?

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a link to access your new Squarespace website that is pre-loaded with your new template site styles. You will also receive an email with a download link to access all of the needed tutorials to walk you through customizing your site like a Squarespace pro. You will also receive 20% off your first year of your Squarespace subscription (if paid annually, for new Squarespace users only).

+ How long should it take me to launch my new site with one of your templates?

It should just take a few hours from the time you receive your new site link to the time you are able to launch! I have created super easy (and really short) tutorial videos that will help you build out each page of your website. Most of my clients have been able to launch their own, customized site within just one week! (and some like to block out an entire day to knock it out all at once!)

+ How much does Squarespace cost?

You can check out their prices here. If you have a shop, you will need to purchase the Business or Commerce plans. If you purchase an annual plan, then you will also receive a free domain as well. All of my templates come with an added bonus of 20% off your first year of your Squarespace subscription when the annual package is purchased.

+ Can I add an ecommerce shop or blog section to my new template site?

You sure can! And I walk you through how to set it all up step by step. You can even set up multiple shops and blog sections if you'd like! And Squarespace comes ecommerce ready - no need to search for or install any additional plugins.

+ I purchased a template but now I am in LOVE one of your new templates... can you help me out with this?

Yes! If you've purchased a template in the past but have fallen in love with one of our newly launched templates, no problem! Just send us an email from the email address you bought your first template with and we can get you access to the new template.

+ What is your refund policy?

Since the templates sold in the shop are digital and cannot physically be returned, they are non-refundable. As such, it is extremely important that you read the template description fully and review the how it works page and all other necessary linked pages before purchasing. Please email us if you have any questions about this at

+ What if I'm not tech savvy?

That's ok! You will receive your new site pre-loaded with the site styles needed... and then from there you will receive really simple video tutorials that walk you through the entire template setup so you can launch your customized site with ease. It's all drag and drop style, so there's no tech savvy skills needed!

+ Can I use my own colors, images, logo, and graphics with your templates?

Yes! You will receive easy to follor totorials to help you set all of this up so it is customized for your business.

+ How will I edit the template images?

You will be able to use Canva to edit any of the template images and graphics. Canva is a free program, however, some templates will require you to have the paid subscription (about $13). You can always pay for one month of Canva and then cancel your account. There will also be Photoshop documents included in the template purchase, in case that's your thing.

+ Can I hire you to set up my template for me?

Yes! Once you receive your pre-loaded site, you will still need to build each page of the template. So if you don't want to do this yourself, we can do it for you for an additional fee of $197. This covers getting your site to the point of looking just like the template. This does not include any type of customization. View our install package here.

+ Can I hire you to completely build a site for me?

Yes! You can choose a template and I can build your site for you. The end result will be a new site that resembles the layout of the template, but will include your images, copy, brand elements, etc. It will be customized just for you! (Please note this is NOT a completely customized site... the basic layout / look will still resemble the template chosen). Please contact us at if you would like to talk about this done for you service. If you are looking for a fully customized site (built from scratch just for you), check out that service here.

+ What if I just need a little extra help with my template?

No problem! We welcome all questions because it helps us tweak and improve our template process moving forward. My team and I are happy to assist you via email if you get stuck at any point in the template setup process.

With the understanding that this is a completely DIY template purchase, we will only be available to assist in template related inquiries for up to 120 days from your date of purchase. This email support does not included custom code questions or support, third party plugin support, customization related questions, or any other website support falling outside of template setup.

If you run into a snag and need a little extra support, check out my hourly consulting package and I'd be happy to design, set up, or walk you through anything website or brand related.

+ What if I already have a Squarespace website and I've paid annually for my account?

If you have paid annually for your current Squarespace site, then it is still possible for you to build your template within your current site. Please check out this page where we talk more about this in detail.

What makes our templates awesome?

  1. They are fully responsive and retina ready. This means your site will look awesome on any screen and any device.

  2. No coding knowledge is needed. ANYONE can have an amazing site that looks like it was designed by a pro (Ohh hey, it kind of was! ;)

  3. We’ve made the setup super simple and your new Squarespace site comes pre-loaded with the template styles so you’re one step closer to site building… and launching!

  4. Through the detailed setup instruction videos, you’ll also be able to maintain and edit your own site like a Squarespace genius.

  5. It’s crazy easy to customize with your own logo, images, copy, and brand colors.

  6. And if you ever want to take your site to the next level, we’re here and ready to assist with any site customizations you may need in the future.