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You know all the RIGHT moves...

But you're still falling short?



Are you an overachieving, driven, Lady Boss who knows how to make things happen?

You set goals, roll up your sleeves and go get ‘em. You’re not afraid of work, you love it. Plus, this... THIS is what you’re meant to do.
And you make things happen no matter what... right? So you drink more coffee, cut out family time, work on the weekends, and stay up later and later.

But things aren’t happening.

Besides being tired of the fact that you haven't really slept in months, you’re even more tired of falling short of the goals you so eagerly set.

So you do more. You're the-make-things-happen-girl. Your email list is growing, there’s engagement on your posts, and there it is!

“A” sale hits. Not even close to the business vision that’s in your heart.

You're SO ready to...

  • have that booked out schedule so you know this is really working...

  • make that legacy-changing income so your family doesn’t think you’re a joke...
  • love your life instead of spinning your wheels so you can run your schedule rather than have it run you ..

You know all the "right" pieces. You've watched countless live trainings. You've invested in courses. So what gives?


Well, just like you, I was SO SICK AND TIRED of feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, and overworked...

I literally wanted to drop my son off at daycare for the day and go home to sit on the couch and binge-watch Netflix all day long. (And I actually did that a few times, shhh, don't tell.)

I knew how to make sales... I had been given the "right" steps you're "supposed to" take to grow your business... I knew how to create a TOP NOTCH brand... I knew how to push through when resistance hit...

BUT... I still found myself SO BURNT OUT from pushing through. There was just NO WAY I could push through ONE. MORE. THING.




And there I was... 

realizing that you can have all the "right" pieces put together in all the "right" ways and still fall short of the success you had been dreaming of...  



Sandra Headshots - Non-watermarked (41 of 188).jpg

Here's the good news...

I didn’t need to do more work to make things happen. And neither do you.

I actually had to STOP everything I was doing because the work I was doing, was putting me in a downward spiral. More and more things are not always the right things. And here’s the kicker, all I had to do was reach up for a hand. So I did.

I stopped and reached up. It was the best thing I ever did for myself, my sanity, my family... and yes, my business. You can learn all the "tried-and-true" strategies and implement them all to a T... but just because they’re not working, doesn’t mean it’s something that you're doing (or not doing).

They didn’t work for me either. I didn't know how to get myself out of the mess I had found myself in.

And that extra support - the fresh pair of eyes - was exactly what I needed in order to...

  • Begin booking out my schedule and closing sales effortlessly...
  • Finally replace the lies I was telling myself with truths that set me free.
  • Realize where I was playing small and finally start standing confidently in the value that I had to offer the world...

Now, because I love my business, I can love my life.
I want to help you make that happen too.

Just reach up. 


"You are only one decision away from a totally different life."

- Mark Batterson



Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach
Sandra Houseman Christian Business Strategist

Introducing my 10-week group coaching program...



During this 10-week group program, you will learn how to push past the mental and strategic blocks that are holding you back from your next level self... and begin TRULY loving your life and business again.

There are 3 main phases that will all work together to help you reach your next-level-self. 

Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach

Phase 1: Mindset Transformation

If you don't believe In your own value, then you'll never be able to sell and grow to your full potential. You'll never be a contagious brand. You'll always be hunting for that next sale. This phase focuses on transforming your mindset so you can show up truly OWNING your power, confidently sharing your services, and believing in the prices you charge... These are all things that MUST happen in order for you to reach your next level self! 

This phase will walk you through...

  • Getting really honest with yourself... what beliefs and thoughts do you currently have (about yourself, your business, and money) that are holding you back? 

  • How to begin filling your cup FIRST so you can pour into your family, friends, church/ministries, and clients in the most impactful way possible (and NO, focusing on filling your cup first is not selfish!).
  • OWNING all those little (maybe even "quirky") things about yourself that that make you... YOU! (because THAT'S the way that God uniquely made you and THAT'S exactly what makes a contagious brand!). 
  • How to step into your business with INTENSE passion and MOTIVATION to change the world and make a bigger impact... because deep down, you KNOW your message and calling was put inside of you for a reason and it's your responsibility to share it. 

Phase 2: Building Your Best Brand

Your brand is speaking something about you and your business every second of every day... it's working for you even while you sleep! The question is... is it working FOR or against you? This phase is all about developing your BEST brand from the ground up. Because before you can design your brand visuals, you must first develop, define, and be able to communicate your brand foundation in a way that is focused, clear, and captivating.

This phase will walk you through...

  • Defining your BEST brand from the foundation up.
  • Discovering your brand personality and why it is the most important foundational step you should take when building your brand.
  • Learning how to speak to your target market in a way that draws them into your business and leaves them wanting more. 
  • Designing (with my help!) your best logo, colors, fonts, and other brand visuals in a way that supports your brand foundation.
  • You will also receive the tools you need to show up looking LEGIT and professional - no more hiding or playing small because you don't look or talk the part.
Sandra Houseman Christian Brand Strategist

Phase 3: Streamlining, systematizing, and automating

Repeat after me: "No more burn-out!"... Throughout this entire program we will be growing you into a position of LOVING your business and making WAY MORE impact... now it's time to lighten the load so you can get back to spending more time on the things most precious!... like faith, family, and some SERIOUS fun... (which IS why you started your business in the first place, right?!)

  • You will learn about all of my recommended systems to help you automate and streamline your business... saving you HOURS each month (cha-ching! This time can instantly become more family time, needed date nights, mani-pedi time... you name it!)... 
  • You will learn how to use these systems in your business in a way that works for YOU (Remember what I said earlier? NO cookie cutters!). 
  • I will be showing you EXACTLY how I sell my programs on automate while enjoying family time on the beach! And how you can take these same systems and make them work for you.
  • I will be showing you how to streamline and automate your entire client on-boarding process and make it a breeze for both you AND them! (clients LOVE an easy process!)
  • We will work through how (and when) to outsource those things that are causing you burnout and frustration in the first place... so you can avoid getting "stuck" ever again!
Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach

Added Bonus:

This program is 100% focused on mindset, branding, and online systems... You don't NEED to run a faith-based business (or even desire to work your faith into your business) to go through this program. However, because I believe that Biblical principles are the best blueprint to living life well, I will be including bonus material for those who are interested in growing their business AND their faith with Biblical principles in mind. 

Learn what the Bible actually has to say about...

Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach
  • Filling your cup FIRST so you can truly pour into others (and WHY I teach this concept!)...
  • Worrying about that next big launch (or the anxiety that comes with needing to find and book more clients!) and how you should handle high-stress times instead... 
  • Having a "BIG DREAM" mindset vs wanting "just enough" to get by (and why it's ok to dream big)... 
  • Charging premium prices vs feeling selfish or greedy about asking for money...
  • Your callings and why it IS your responsibility to get your message into the world in BIG ways vs staying comfortable right where you are... 

And most of all, you will learn it all in a supportive environment with other like-minded ladies who are ready to CHANGE THE WORLD with the message they have been given! 


The doors for Next Level You close in just...


How will it work?

This 10-week group course kicks off February 5th and will include..

• Access to your very own online membership site with resources, tutorials, workbooks, and videos. One easy place to find everything you need (with account access for 12 months!)...

• You will receive fillable workbooks each week that will walk you through growing and scaling your business...

• Training tutorials that will help you grow between calls...

• Bite-sized group audio messages will motivate, encourage, and support you throughout this 10-week journey...

• Weekly group coaching calls with me (days and times will vary each week to help ensure everyone will be able to hop on the calls) and call recordings will be made available to all memebers...

• bi-monthly live Q+A sessions where you will be able to ask me any questions you have along the way...

• A collaborative, private Facebook group for interaction with myself and other group members for the next 12 months! (I'll be giving value to this group for the full 12 months, so your support doesn't end at the end of 10 weeks!)...

• Plus, you will be able to connect with me one-on-one during our weekly email checkins. This will give you an opportunity to get any needed one-on-one support directly from me!

• BONUS: Each member will also receive a 60-minute one-on-one session and a 40-minute one-on-one session with me to use during the program.


What ladies are saying...

Female Christian Online Business Coach

"My sales have doubled since working with Sandra and my number of hours worked per week have not! Her support was a complete game changer for my business!...

I was worried about the financial investment but have made that back and then some. I also worried about not loving the outcome, but Sandra eased those fears very quickly! She worked with me on my brand until everything was absolute perfection! She was always super quick to respond to my questions and her customer service was AMAZING!"

- Kristen Long-Buck, 3 Little Readers

Female Christian Business Coach

Sandra has been there supporting me from the side-lines the whole time. And once I realized I NEEDED more support, I signed up to work with her immediately. Now it’s like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

I now feel like I have such a clear plan and I know what I need to get done each day to move myself forward. I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I used to and I feel so much more confident to step into my business truly OWNING my power… I can show up as the world-changing woman I’ve been created to be instead of playing it small.

- Rae-Anna Johnson, Certified Health Professional

Female Christian Business Coach

“Sandra has an amazing ability to listen and make you feel comfortable as you lay out your vision for your business!...

She creatively took my vision and helped me come up with a brand that was clean, BEAUTIFUL, and perfectly aligned with my needs. The best part? Her support made me SO CONFIDENT to walk in the direction of my dreams!”

Whitney Putnam, Author, Speaker
and Founder of Imperfectly Brave

Female Christian Business Coach

"Sandra helped me get realigned with the Vision God placed in my heart, His view of me, and to get comfortable sharing the very specific message He gave me.

Since working with Sandra, there has been an increase in interest in my work both on- and off-line and I know as long as I continue to show up "on brand", increase will only be inevitable. No more playing small when I serve a BIG God!

Now, the people I serve through my business are finding me!"

- Jenny-Lyn Allen, Marriage Success Coach

Sandra Houseman Christian Business Coach

"Working with Sandra has been transformational for my business. The best part about working with Sandra is that she really listens to your goals, and then gently guides you away from your self doubt, and towards your dreams.

I found her approach unique because she will support you in creating a beautiful brand, AND she knows her stuff when it comes to business strategy. I'm most excited about launching my new website because she helped me capture my brand perfectly! If you want to take your business to the next level, you definitely want to work with Sandra!"

- Melissa Mather, Success Coach

Sandra Houseman - Christian Business Coach

"Ladies! Sandra is an absolute branding gun! Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence about investing with her, just dive in! You will not regret working with Sandra one bit!"

- Nicole Tewierik, Business Coach


This program is for you if...

  • You are a service-based, female entrepreneur who is ready for breakthrough...
  • You are ready to scale your business to the next level (i.e. book more clients, create consistent income months, begin charging premium prices, etc.)...
  • You are tired of not looking the part and you're ready to LOOK and FEEL like an expert in your industry...
  • You are ready to build a business that puts your family FIRST (instead of feeling like they are always getting your "left-over" time)...
  • You are ready to run your business on autopilot to regain freedom so you can spend more time on the things you love (instead of spinning your wheels doing everything yourself!)... 
  • You are ready to STOP showing up small and START making big things happen in your business...


Investment Options:


Option 1:
1 payment of $1,800

Option 2:
2 payments of $947

Option 3:
4 payments of $497

12 payments of $175


The doors to Next Level You close in just... 

"Your greatest regret at the end of your life will be the [dreams] you didn't chase. You will look back longingly on risks not taken, opportunities not seized, and dreams not pursued. Stop running away from what scares you most and start chasing the God-ordained opportunities that cross your path."

- Mark Batterson