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Learn how to begin selling wildly successful programs (at prices you AND your dream clients feel amazing about) in this free 3-part video series. 


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  • Video 1: Creating your dream program...
    Every successful program or package starts with YOUR PASSION. In order to sell wildly successful programs, we first have to get back to being wildly passionate about what we are offering. Maybe you are feeling less than passionate - or even burnt out - let's address the real issue... and get you back to doing what lights you up. Because THAT place is where your best programs will come from.
  • Day 2: Pricing you feel amazing about AND your dream clients will line up to pay...
    Are you stuck in the pricing struggle? You want to price yourself higher but don't think people will pay that "premium" price... so you set your prices lower and lower to make sure to get the sale, but now you're feeling like your time and energy is being used and abused! I get it! In this video we will discuss this problem and talk about how to fix it so you are able to charge a price you feel great about and your dream clients actually line up to pay.
  • Day 3: How sales can be easy...
    Now that you have created your dream program and priced it perfectly, let's get to SELLING that program with ease. In this video, I'll share with you the exact systems I used to begin selling my dream programs on automate - allowing me to make money while at the beach and wake up to money deposited into my bank account! Selling with ease is totally possible for you to!


Bonus Videos: 

5 Mindset Secrets: Your mind is the biggest tool you have in growing and scaling your business to new levels. I am sharing five secrets that I have learned after years in the online business building world and how you can begin implementing them in your life as well. 

Your DIY Mood Board: When it comes to your brand, your mood board matters. What is a mood board, why does it matter, and how do you make your own before spending money on a brand designer? This short, in-depth video will walk you through exactly how to make your own for free! 

Branding 101: This video gives you my top branding tips to help you get started and build a strong brand foundation before hiring a designer. These are essential branding basics that every entrepreneur needs to know and implement in order to have a solid business and brand foundation! 


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