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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31    |    4:00 pM CST


How would it feel to...

    - Wake up to people requesting to join your group every day...

    - Steadily grow your group without having to promote it... EVER! (let Facebook do that for you!)...

    - Have a constant flow of engagement, discussion, and support flowing through your group (versus being the only one engaging and always hearing crickets!)...

    I hear it all the time:
    "My group just isn't working!... I have low engagement, people don't genuinely support each other, and I hear crickets on most of my posts!
    Should I just close it down?"

    The truth is that you don't NEED a Facebook group to grow a thriving business... no matter what you may hear. HOWEVER, Facebook groups are a HUGELY POWERFUL tool to grow a following and begin building that know, like, and trust factor with people who are already interested in hearing more about your business!

    So bottom line... Don't close your group down if it's something you truly desire to do in your business! I know it can feel like a constant struggle and can seem impossible at times...

    I struggled with this same thing until I learned these secrets and began to see increased engagement. then a crazy thing happened... My group began to steadily grow on autopilot! No more promoting!

    I was waking up each morning to new member requests from people who were truly interested in what I had to offer in my business! Now, I regularly see 5-20 new member requests daily JUST because Facebook suggested my group to these people for me! win-win!

    Learn how to easily grow your Facebook group on autopilot!

    Sandra Houseman - Facebook Visibility Strategy

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