Squarespace Website Templates

So you can look like an expert online without spending hours trying to figure it out or paying thousands of dollars to have someone do it for you.


You’ve been messing around on your site for a LONG time. Pushing buttons, moving things around, trying to get it juuuust right so it matches the awesome dream of a website that you have in your head. 

But it just isn’t working. It’s still falling short.
And you’re TIRED of it.

Sound familiar?

And in the mean time, how many hours of even DAYS have you lost that could have been spent working on tasks that will actually bring you immediate revenue!? 

  • Working with clients…

  • Getting out there on the front lines in front of new people in big ways…

  • Going live… So you can get visible, turn more viewers into leads, and turn those leads into paying clients…

And the truth is that your website SHOULD be doing some of that for you. 

But after alllll the time you’ve spent… your website traffic still feels like a drop in the bucket compared to what you know it could (and should) be. 

  • Is it attracting the right people to you? 

  • Is it growing your list? 

  • Do you even know if it is or isn’t working? 

It’s time to finally STOP the website DIY overwhelm… 

And it’s time for a step-by-step system that helps create your dream website in a matter of hours…

So you can have a site that looks beautiful…
That functions well…
That is easy to manage…
And that you can get up and running FAST…

Stop the website hustle once and for all.


So, how does it work?

Squarespace Template Purchase

Step 1:

You will pick the perfect template for your business and checkout through our secure online template store.

Squarespace Template Setup Process

Step 2:

There is a 24-36 hour processing period where our little template bots (aka. awesome team members) pre-load your new site with the styles needed to rock it.

Squarespace Template Video Content

Step 3:

You will receive a link to access your new pre-loaded site, as well as video tutorials that help you build out your Squarespace template content like a pro.


Step 4:

You will subscribe to Squarespace and launch your new site - faster and easier than ever! This deserves a celebration.


Want to learn more about the template process and see a behind the scenes sneak peek?

Read the FAQs and view a template demo video >>


Easy, step-by-step Squarespace templates

so you can get back to what you should be focusing on in your business.