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Sandra Houseman - boost your brand intensive

I'm Sandra Houseman and I am an online business strategist and brand designer for driven, female entrepreneurs.

Are you tired of not looking the part in your business? You KNOW your stuff, you've good at what you do, and you provide an exceptional service for your clients, but right now your business just doesn't LOOK the part and it's holding you back.

Are you overwhelmed from burnout and walking this journey alone... always second guessing your next step?

Are you worn out from not having the programs, processes, and systems in place to help you automate, streamline, and get back to LOVING your life?

Girl, how would it feel to...

  • Finally have a beautiful and professional website that captures attention and attracts dream clients like a magnet...
  • Fine-tune your email marketing process to hook potential clients and wake up to warm leads in your inbox...
  • Step into 2018 with a professionally developed visual brand (logo, colors, fonts, etc.)...
  • Cut through your current overwhelm to start 2018 with clarity and manageable action steps you are EXCITED about...

Good news, friend... I have created a new, limited-time offer to help you do just that!

Introducing: Boost Your Biz and Brand!

This program is specifically designed for female, service-based entrepreneurs who are currently struggling in a specific area of their business OR are wanting to jump-start 2018 to start the year STRONG.

Sandra Houseman - brand coach

So what's included?

Step 1: The 2-hour intensive

This program will start with an intensive 2-hour screen-share session with me where we will work through your struggles step-by-step right on the call. The goal of this program is that you will see INSTANT results and walk away with a renewed since of confidence and clarity in your business. This entire program will be tailored to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


- Does your website need a little TLC and professional support? As a professional website designer, I will walk through your website with you page-by-page as I help you create a look and user-experience that you are excited about.

- Need a professional logo? Want to pull the visual brand (or look) of your business together in a way that is professional, beautiful, AND intentionally designed to attract your dream clients?  We can design your logo and discuss your visual brand right there during our session.

- Does the idea of setting up your email marketing and getting it tied into your business overwhelm you? This ends now! We will set up your email marketing, tie it into your website, and talk about how you can use this in your business. We can even design the perfect landing page if we have time!

- Are you overwhelmed in your business? Feeling stuck? Not sure what your next steps should be? Let's dive into your business together and get to the bottom of these things. You will walk away with action steps and clarity.


At the end of your 2-hour intensive, you will receive action steps and homework to help you continue to grow your brand and business.


Sandra Houseman - brand coach

Step 2: The follow-up

2-4 weeks following your 2-hour intensive call, we will have a 40-minute follow-up phone call or screen-share session. This 40-minute time slot will can be used however you would like. If you would like to screen-share and work through any issues that have come up, we can do that. If you want to talk about how to start 2018 off strong, then we can do that!

- AND SO MUCH MORE! If there is something specific that you would like to work on in your business, just send me an email at and we will discuss how this program will benefit you!


Extra Bonus: My Brand Building Workbook

As a participant of this program, you will receive exclusive access to my "Brand Building Workbook" (only available to my one-on-one private clients). This workbook is specifically  designed to help my clients build a strong brand foundation... because you absolutely can't build a strong visual brand until you have developed these essential things in your business. This workbook will help you work through how you want your business to be perceived, the personality of your business, your 3-5 brand words, and discovering what makes your business unique.

Sandra Houseman Online Business Coach - Testimonial

See what Nicole had to say...

"Ladies! This program is SO much fun and Sandra is an absolute branding gun! Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence about investing in this program, just dive in! You will not regret working with Sandra in her Boost program!"

- Nicole Tewierik, Business Coach


And just look at what we were able to get done on her first 2-hour call...

We dove into her brand foundation, developed her brand personality, chose her colors and fonts, designed her main logo, and two alternate logos!

On Nicole's second follow-up call, we were able to dive into the back-end of her website and make sure it was in line with this new brand direction.


Investment: $497

Here's some good news for you, girl! I want you to see an instant boost in your brand and/or business. I want you to start 2018 STRONG. I want you to step into your BEST business and realize the success that is waiting for you.

And I want this program to be accessible to anyone willing to do what it takes to grow their business, no matter their financial status. Because of this, I am pricing this program at only $497!



What are you waiting for?

If you're ready to step into your power and LOVE your business and brand... Book your program now!