Why is my design process so different?

I’ve always known I was made for “more”. The fact that I was made for a specific purpose was never a question in my mind. I just KNEW it.

Do you feel that way? Do you feel like you were made for more than a mundane life and it’s your responsibility to live this one, short life to the fullest?

After working 10 years in both the corporate and freelance graphic design worlds, I decided that it was finally time to step out and start my own impactful business. You see, I’ve always been one to forge my own path. Working to build others dreams just wasn’t for me long-term.

So, I did it.

Actually, I did it for 10 long years… and I learned A LOT over that time. I learned the best ways to do things and I learned how not to do things. I had successes, I had failures, and I have tweaked my design process dramatically since I began 10 years ago.

And now, I design VERY differently than most designers. My programs are 100% unique and I believe it is both what sets me apart AND what my clients love about working with me.

Why is my design process so different - Sandra Houseman

You see, with me you can forget all of the standard “working-with-a-designer-headaches”. No more missed deadlines. No more poor communication. No more outcomes that you HATE because you 1) don’t know how to communicate your vision to your designer and 2) your designer doesn’t get your vision and goes rogue.

You’re probably wondering how I do this, huh?

Here’s my big secret… you ready?

I DESIGN LIVE WITH MY CLIENTS! This means that I sit down side-by-side (er… um… computer screen to computer screen) with my clients and design with them while they watch what I do.

Ok, ok, I guess it’s not THAT big of a secret but it’s something you just don’t see done… and I totally get it! Most designers don’t want their clients “breathing down their neck” while on the design process. Most designers want to be able to take breaks whenever they want. Most designers want to be able to take their time on a design.

And I totally get those things, but here’s what I want more

Design Process - Sandra Houseman

I want my clients to be able to give me instant feedback on their designs so 1) I don’t waste time on a design they hate, and 2) they don’t waste time looking at designs they hate.

I want my clients to know exactly what step of the process we are in and not have to wonder… “did she finish that logo yet??”. Instead, they know exactly what has been done and they are playing an active role in the process.

I want my clients to have the creative freedom to give their impute and ideas while their designs are being made.

I want my clients to learn from what I’m doing so they can continue to improve their brand on their own.

So you know what this means?

No more communication problems.

No more missed deadlines.

No more missing the mark on the final products.

This means a final product that my clients truly LOVE and are excited to share with the world.

My program is also unique because it is a 50/50 design process. That means that I provide the professional skills, talent, and know-how to produce a beautiful and profitable business brand and my clients plug in their parts.

For example, while building a website with a client, I help them set up the foundation of their SqureSpace website and give them the resources they need to create the pages and input their text. Then I step in and make it look beautiful during a screen-share session. They are then able to tweak and maintain their website and I am able to step in and provide support and help they need when they are stuck.

I design live with my clients- Sandra Houseman

It’s a win-win!

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And if you’re not ready to invest in your business or brand yet (which you TOTALLY should), then no worries! Continue to follow along and check out my new weekly posts where I help you boost your business and brand through bite-sized, action steps.

Always cheering you on!



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