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3 tips to steady business growth (to get out of the feast and famine)

I was chatting with a friend today and business came up. She asked how things were going and I mentioned having more work than I (literally) knew what to do with right now. Her reply was... "What changed? How did you get here?"

And honestly, it was a weird question to hear directed towards ME for a change. I've wondered the same thing over and over about others. Thinking maybe there was some 'special sauce' I was missing.

And also, it was a reality check. Because even though all evidence points to a booming business, there's still SO MUCH that I feel like i'm falling short in Every. Single. Day. It doesn't feel much different *here* than it did *there*. And I’m sure it won't feel much different *there* (that next level or milestone in biz) than it does here! 

So, I want to share my reflections on those questions today...

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The most common 7 Website Mistakes

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you want to make sure that every resource available to you is working to its full potential. You can't afford to leave money sitting on the table or pay a monthly subscription for something you never use…

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A realistic guide to starting a business with a baby (Part 2)

Today I'm here to give you practical tips on HOW to build a business with a baby. Some of these may seem simple, stupid, or maybe even a bit crazy… but they are literally how I’ve survived and built a business with two newborns over the past 3 years…

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