Female Entrepreneur Business Strategist

Hey girl, I'm Sandra Houseman, your online business strategist!

I have a bit of a unique past... after working 10 years in the corporate and freelance design and branding worlds, I now get to fuse my expertise in design and branding with my LOVE for business strategy.

In addition to being able to spend my 20 hours of work time each week doing what I LOVE, I am able to spend TONS of time with my sweet little family! My kiddo is almost 2 and I have the most AMAZING singer/songwriter hubby who is my number one fan and supporter in this entrepreneurial journey!

Sometimes I'm floored by this life I live. Making impact in ladies lives, giving back to my favorite charities, being used as a tool to help advance the Kingdom, spending time with my family, and knowing at the end of the day that I'm living a life I'm truly happy about.

But It hasn't always been this way.

There was a time not too long ago that I struggled each and every day. I hated my day job. I had a cluttered house that I felt so guilty about. I felt like I wasn't being used to my full potential. I felt like there was SO MUCH MORE for me. It was HARD.

If you're in that season now, know that it will pass. And if you feel like you're drowning in your business... just reach out! I'd love to chat with you about your business and help you make a plan to cut through the overwhelm. You all are my tribe so I love to give free support and encouragement to you in any way that I can.

Your business is meant to bring you freedom, right?

Girl, I know you're in a business building season and it's TOUGH. It can take a lot from you... but it doesn't have take everything from you! It is possible for you to grow your business, spend tons of time with your family, tackle those things in life you want to tackle, and end each day feeling accomplished, peaceful, and free.


By setting intentional action steps, structuring your time, and claiming the freedom that is already right in front of you. And creating a business full of intention.

Together we will...

- Start and/or grow your online, service-based business.
- Plan your days so you will be doing the RIGHT tasks to grow your business the right way.
- Structure your time so you are making the most of it.
- Create a beautiful business that will allow you to be taken seriously... (you'll look LEGIT).
- And we'll make sure you still have a life that revolves around the most precious things... faith, family, and friends. (Your business shouldn't take over every part of your life!!)

Sounds great, huh?
If you're ready to claim your best life RIGHT NOW...

Life is too short...

Life is way to short to spend a single day - a single moment - settling into mundane. It's too short to let our "what if's" hold us back from truly living. At the end of my life, I want to know that I loved well, showed my kids what bravery looks like, and stepped out in faith knowing that God would move in mighty ways.

Who's my ideal client?

I love working with purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their business forward and make HUGE impact in the world. My ideal client is a faith-based mama who is ready to step out of her comfort zone and do whatever it takes to follow the calling placed upon her life, get her God-given message in front of those who need it most, and SHOW her kids what it means to really follow their dreams. She wants to be able to look back on her life knowing that she did everything she could to love her family well and change the world by using the gifts and talents that she has been uniquely given.

She is ready to do whatever it takes to break out of this mundane life and take a hold of her most abundant, peaceful, and freedom filled life that is waiting for her on the other side. (Because it IS there waiting...)

And although at times it may be hard, she will not let excuses hold her back. She will not let her previous experiences and stories keep her captive any longer. She will not let the negativity of those around her hold her down.

She's ready to step out in faith, pull up her boot straps, maybe even get a little dirty along the way... and run her business like the CEO she is.

Ready to make waves with me, dreamer?